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School Time Management

Jo Said:

Ballet AND School? Time Management?

We Answered:

I'm a dancer too, as you can tell from my user namee, and I also had a time management problem. Here are some tips:
- do your homework first thing when you get home
- prepare for the next day before you go to bed-( pull out your dance equipment and school stuff.)
- get a daily planner to stay organized during the day

Good Luck!

Dale Said:

Architecture school, time management?

We Answered:

That is a lot of credit hours! It is unlikely that you are going to have much free time if you take that many credits in a single semester. I would stick to 4 classes that will give you time to enjoy the college life.

Gertrude Said:

Help with school and time management?

We Answered:

I think it helps to have daily routines that allow you to carve about a specific time and space dedicated to studying. Decide on a time every night when you are going to complete your homework/studying and a specific place you are going to do it as well. Try to keep that space free from distractions, like television, cell phone, etc. If you have to do work on a computer try to stay away from the internet if possible, and keep all chat programs closed, don't sign into facebook or myspace, etc.

Let your family and friends know that this is your study time, and that you would prefer not to be interrupted. It can even be helpful to print out a daily schedule that includes your study time and post it in a space where you will see it often.

Lydia Said:

Is it possible to go to work full time and school full time with the right time management?

We Answered:

Yes, its possible. Many people do it. I managed both, in addition to being a full-time single parent. What helped me was to have a planner to document: when assignments are due, mid-terms and finals (in one color); my work schedule, including meetings, reports due, etc (in another color); and my children's schedule, school dates, holidays, meetings, events etc (in a third color). I also found that I was able to juggle these three, but for the seven years I was in school, I slept only four hours a night during school. Ex: wake up at 5 am, clean house, get kids up, take them to school, I get to school, go to work, pick kids up from after school program, go home, spend an hour playing with kids, we all do homework for 1 hour, do dinner, family time until 8 pm, put kids to bed, study until 1 am, go to bed, do it again the next day. I was exhausting, but worth it!

Ellen Said:

Question about time management and school?

We Answered:

Like the first poster said, make a schedule of when you want to get things done. However, don't schedule yourself to read, say, 20 pages from a text book the night before and all at once. Read a little bit of it at a time throughout the day spanning a couple days. Same with the assignments, schedule them in too, but maybe not the night before. Don't only schedule stuff in the evening because then you'll never get anything done and be able to go out. Do work between classes too!

AND believe it or not, you CAN do assignments and reading on the weekend during the day and then go out at night.

Glenda Said:

I'm in high school, TIME MANAGEMENT HELP!!?

We Answered:

Once u get home, u shower and eat. then u spent the rest of ur time doing work

Dale Said:

Using time management for children, spouse, school, and work?

We Answered:

You don't say how old your children are or whether your husband is supportive of your going to school and working part-time. So... delegate. If old enough, your kids can do their own laundry, start dinner, set the table, do the dishes, keep you informed of their activities on a big calendar and help around the house and yard. Your husband can pick up a lot of slack too if his work schedule allows and he's willing. You might need to relax your standards around the house - you don't want to turn into a meanie- or hire someone to clean and run the kids around to their activities after school. Without help, you can't have it all. Someone falls between the cracks - and that someone is usually the supermom (and maybe her marriage).

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