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Schools For Gifted

Myrtle Said:

Students who fail more than one year of school: What should schools do for them?

We Answered:

depends on the IQ and abilities, you can be "dumb", but have good skills in a lot of stuff, but college or high paid careers is not an option for them

William Said:

Gifted schools for a 2 year old? Really?

We Answered:

2 yr olds are like sponges, it's very easy to teach them a lot. But is it I think it's overboard to put a 2 yr old in to school, let alone pay thousands of dollars for it. I say let kids be kids, let them play & explore, they have lots of yrs of school ahead of them, no need to force more schooling at such an early age.

Joan Said:

Highly gifted schools located in MA?

We Answered:

Here's a link to the Hoagies gifted website. If you look lower on the page, there is a link to the different states and their gifted schools. Massachusetts is one of them.

Good luck!

Clayton Said:

I'm in my schools gifted ed program,so people call me knowitalls!?

We Answered:

no they are not right just ignore them cuz u dont know one day u might be the boss of them

Michelle Said:

What are the special high schools for the gifted in English?

We Answered:

Many of the good private schools in the US have great English programs. I don't know of any that are specific for writing, it's hard even to find (what I consider and I know my stuff) good writing classes for teens outside of school. Some schools will have writing classes taught by professional writers like Jon Dorf.

My teen son is an award winning playwright, and he has written and filmed scripts, etc. He learned on his own, because I didn't find any good classes around LA. He used my old books. Luckily he is in a theater class where they just started a writing program taught by a professional playwright. I'm looking into summer writing programs, there are some good programs out there, often at colleges (for high school students).

There are good writing books for teens, look at Amazon.

Good luck!

Miriam Said:

Are there gifted schools in the Silicon Valley?

We Answered:

I think it will be hard to find a true gifted program anywhere, especially in Silicon Valley where money will buy you a spot anywhere.

Still, her IQ will not deteriorate if you put her into a good school, even if they have a no child left behind policy. I certainly hope that her EQ is on par with the other children she is playing with. Regardless of her IQ her interactions with other children will have more to do with her success in life than her math project.

I am a fan of pushing children to their full potential, but with humility. Though I want to make it clear that I'm not passing judgement on how you raise your child with regards to humility. However, a classroom filled with children based on an IQ score (which has been shown to be flawed) is elitist. She will need to develop healthy relationships with those of every intellectual level.

If you put her into a good school and support her she will flourish.

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