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Science Articles For High School Students

Shane Said:

FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS ONLY: What types of books do you read IN class and OUTSIDE of class?

We Answered:

Inside class mostly includes Shakespeare, who is a hack.
Outside I enjoy Kerouac, Vonnegut, and Palahniuk.

Janice Said:

Does this workload seem a bit excessive for a high school student, even one in honors?

We Answered:

If this were assigned today and due tomorrow, it would be excessive. But if it has been accumulating since last November, I think it is a time management problem. I'm not sitting in your classes, and I don't know why you get only 3 hours of sleep a night, but that shouldn't be happening.
Right now there is no help for all this work except to do it. However, for the future, I recommend that you first get someone to help you break your long assignments into segments spread over the duration till due date. Don't break up the small ones, but don't put all of them on one day. Spread things out to make progress every day. That exercise should show if you really have no time to sleep.

Second, any assignment as lengthy and complex as a science fair project ought to be broken into segments, too. Hit it hard when a segment is behind instead of staying up for 72 hours at the end.

It may actually be true that your teachers are being unreasonable, but unless you can show your management plan when you make your complaint, they are unlikely to listen. They know that people put things off until the last minute and then things stack up.

Lynn Said:

Looking for reputable articles for research?

We Answered:

Where are you at? Check out your local library web page and find the "Electronic Resources" link and click on data bases. It will let you use resources like this one from the San Bernardino County Library,…

This is great. It gives all proper citation for all articles in a gazillion different publications. All you need is a library card in good standing.

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