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Science Competitions For High School Students

Joshua Said:

How can I set myself apart from other sophomore students in high school?

We Answered:

When all is said and done anyone can join a club or engage in an activity. What you need to do is to push to get your name known. Push to be a leader. Be your own publicity machine. The more leadership points you rack up, the more a quality college will notice those activities plus your SAT and GPA. Also consider taking a volunteer role somewhere where your name will be known and build upon that as well.

In short, get busy girl!

Mattie Said:

If you're a student in high school, do you need to sign up for the Intel Science Fair?

We Answered:

its not required....but colleges will like it

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writing an academic paper said:

Students must be participated in different educational competitions to increase their knowledge and develop self confidence. Now here you're talking about the science competitions for high school students.