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Science For High School Students

Jeanne Said:

Ideas for my high school students` science fair in Astronomy?

We Answered:

Make Star Constellation viewers:


1 - Get a tube (maybe a used toilet roll)
2- Cut a slightly larger circle than the tubes end out of black
cartridge paper
3 - On the circle copy a constellation ( Orion and the Plough are good examples for effect), onto the black circle by making little prick holes for the main stars of the constellation

4 - Place the constellation now over the end of the tube, and hold on the tube by elastic band. Now look through the tube.

5 - The surface of the paper that you entered the hole must be the surface that is against the tube end, else the constellation will appear different when viewed through the tube!

The reply from Confused sounds very good, and would be far more effective than my idea, providing you get the lights to work right.

Leslie Said:

Where Can I Find Science Workshops for Elementary and High School Students for my Science Fair?

We Answered:

Hi! This has been my fav. site when it came to doing science projects so far.…
Remember to call your local papers and have a write up done on it so you have a good turn out for the crowd. Good luck!

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