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Esther Said:

Which of these schools do I have a chance of getting into?

We Answered:

Based on what you wrote, I think you have chances at all these schools. That doesn't mean that you are an automatic admit, but just that you in the running. Of these schools, I think your chances are highest at Lawrence, NMH, Blair and Tabor. Admission to the other schools on your list is highly competitive and unpredictable.

Because you have 11 schools you are considering, you can rank them after you have completed your visits. Apply to them in the order of the ranking, as long as you can include at least one or two of the higher chance schools among your top choices. If you didn't feel comfortable at Hotchkiss or Lawrence, you might put them towards the bottom of your list. After ranking, if you become unenthusiastic about applying to the ones on the bottom, you might consider just not applying. However, keep in mind that you will have revisits days and a chance to re-evaluate the schools to which you have been admitted.

If you love a school, don't drop it from your list because other classmates are applying there. You are competing along with all the other applicants, and the Admissions Committee will be looking for students who fit well within their community and can offer the school some talents.

When you visit Blair in October, will you also be able to visit Taft and NMH? NMH is unique with a jobs program and a farm which might not be for everyone. My impression is that it is diverse and not snobby.. Taft is a great school with many athletes in the student body. Blair is warm community; I suspect that you will enjoy your visit.

Good luck!

Sergio Said:

What are my chances of getting into Cornell?

We Answered:

You won't know unless you try. Turn in the application, but also have a backup school in mind.

Stella Said:

college/ university chances?

We Answered:

First, keep working on the grades. You've got this semester and next to continue to improve your GPA.

You should have no trouble getting accepted to a good college. Your grades are good, your scores will likely be good, and you have a pretty impressive extracurricular resume.

A "reputable" college? Reputable for what? No school is the best at everything. Without knowing what you plan to major in, we cannot give you any information about what schools to look at. Also note, many people go to schools which are not top 10 in their chosen major. They go on to do great things, get Ph.D, etc. It isn't about the school, it's about you and how hard you work when you get there.

Also, college is about more than classes and tests. Your choice of a school has to be about more than academics - you will call this place home for the next 4+ years of your life. It is very hard to succeed in an environment that makes you miserable. Your choice must fit not just your academic needs, but your lifestyle needs as well. Do TONS of research when choosing, and pick the school which is the best overall fit for you.

Fred Said:

Can I get into an Ivy League...?

We Answered:

One: No offense to the first poster, but nobody, unless you are a certified genius, has a free ticket into MIT.
I think you have a great shot getting in - but MIT is extremely competitive, they are definitely one of the top universities in the country when it comes to science/maths, but in general they are also considered to be one of the best in the world.
Without your actual SAT score it's hard to say, but honestly even though that is a great score, there are many, many a student at MIT who have a perfect math score. I would recommend start taking classes now and doing pretests if it's available. If you can get it up to about 2300, that would definitely improve your chances.
If you are considering majoring in sciences, find some ECs that show that, enter a few science competitions and see how that pans out.

Admissions for schools like the ivies or MIT, to be honest, is unpredictable. Though do remember that MIT is a more math/science oriented school. I'm assuming that you are a rising junior, see what you can do about visiting the MIT campus.

Also, as you are a junior I'm thinking? Try to find a position of leadership, something like the president of a club or something. Recommendation letters are also really helpful if they can show that you are driven.

My final word is that definitely apply, because I think you have a good shot getting into any of the ivies and you aren't going to know until you apply, right?

Dwayne Said:

What are my chances of getting into an Ivy League or similar school?

We Answered:

Sounds like you have a fighting chance to go anywhere, really.
Impressive resume.
I'd contact the school and tell them exactly what you've done, don't forget awards!

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