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Scientific Articles For High School Students

Donald Said:

Is the scientific term "residence time" a term that most high-schoolers know of?

We Answered:

Im a high schooler, grade 9. I have heard of it before, but never really knew what it meant. Until now. lol :)

Patrick Said:

Can anyone please help me to improve the statement of purpose?

We Answered:

If possible, you should give this to a native English speaker to find and correct the numerous grammatical errors. In general, long complex sentences are confusing if they are not constructed properly. For example, "After 2003 and the opening of Iraq to the age of technology, Internet and satellite television had a significant role in enriching my knowledge through follow up reports and scientific research visible and audible, especially in atmospheric sciences and on the contents of this science wonderful secrets of massive and accurate in his regime and his big role in the preservation of life on the planet." can be simplified to two or three simpler sentences. Short, but correctly structured sentences are better than long, complex ones with lots of errors.

Some specific comments:

Paragraph 1: Be sure to call out anyone you wish to read the document here. "I am interested in sub-field xxx, especially Prof. XXX."

Paragraph 2: You should probably shorten this. Remember that the admissions committee is made up of busy research professors. Concise papers are good, especially in science and tech.

Paragraph 3: Be sure to follow the adage "show, don't tell." Rather than saying "succeeded with distinction...drawing the admiration of faculty" give specific examples to back up these claims.

Paragraph 4: More details are needed here. This is what the faculty are really interested in. Some might skip directly here.

Paragraph 5: See comments for paragraph 3.

Paragraphs 6/7: OK, but need refinement.

Congrats on your success and good luck.

Mitchell Said:

History teacher "preaching" in class was he right or wrong?

We Answered:

Yes, he is right. The student, that is. Preaching does not belong in a public school classroom.

Tamara Said:

Can you spot any grammatical errors in this?

We Answered:

I liked this. I haven't yet been to this part of "Answers from Yahoo". I found this interesting as I don't really remember much having graduated almost 10yrs ago.
Im not grammatically correct & often I am horrid at it. But, I can try.

In the 3rd to last sentence in the 3rd paragr.:
"So far I’ve taken seven challenging science and math courses, and I’ve clocked hundreds of hours of research for my experiments."
--I would recommend adding a comma after "So far" -but I get punctuation happy. So, I would need a 2nd opinion.

In your last paragr:

You started it by using "I've" and the very next sentence is started the same, it needs to be changed. Maybe in the 2nd sentence simply write, "Simply memorizing a piece....".
Does it have to be a certain # of words in the paper? If so, you may want to add:
"Simply memorizing a piece of information is useless when one has to utilize that knowledge in a real world application" (setting rather than application b/c you then use it in your next statement ads well. -change one or the other.), just as I have learned."
I would probably change the 1st sentence starting w/ "I've learned" b/c you just stated "learned" in the last sentence in the paragr. above. -at least try to space it out more (i know its hard to do when you're talking about the same thing....!!)
So, it should read:
Simply memorizing a piece of information is useless when one has to utilize that knowledge in a real world SETTING, JUST AS I HAVE LEARNED ({the ability} TO DO {so}). ((if you want to add the "to do" part, fine.))
the ability to do so = kind of wordy. so, do what you think is best.
Youre very good at this paper! Im glad b/c Im not on here much- I mostly stick to psychology answer stuff.

I don't much care for the flow of:
"The application of knowledge...." -I think it best reads as: "Applying knowledge....".

In the 2nd sentence from the start of the last paragr.:
"I’ve learned that simply memorizing a piece of information is useless when one has to utilize that knowledge in a real world application."
--you use "piece" in the very next sentence (3rd sentence).
I would change the 2nd sentence to:
I’ve learned that simply memorizing MINUTE OR TRIVIAL OR THE BASICS of information is useless when one has to utilize that knowledge in a real world application.

remember, if this isn't how you speak, don't use it. some teachers who are really clever pick up on things like that. but, also- its best to write how you would normally write.

I hope Ive been helpful. Maybe somebody can do a better job, but your article looks good by itself!! If i were you, i would just turn it in. - I suppose I was being a little nit-picky.

Violet Said:

proofread my essay on stress?

We Answered:

I like it.

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