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Service Projects For High School Students

Emily Said:

What is a good student service project(for high school students)?

We Answered:

When i was in high school i also had to do a service project, what i end up doing was setting up a carnival for a inner city elementary school. it was really simple, we did things that were simple and inexpensive, and gave the children candy for prices. The kids loved it, so maybe you could do something like that.

Janice Said:

What projects would gain much of High School students' interests and participation?

We Answered:

hi :
I would recommend projects that deal with environment pollution (what do people have to do to keep the environment clean),this category has to many options,students can choose whether they are going to study air pollution,water pollution,or noise pollution.

students can also make projects about global warming,the factors that led to it,how do we fight warming is a vey big problem in this time,and i think it would be a nice idea to make pojects about it.

Also,they can make projects about different diseases (heart attack,obesity..........etc), including the symptoms of the disease,the treatment,and the factors that led to the disease.
I have done projects about these categories,and i really like them.

hope that helps

Joan Said:

Are there any organizations for a high school student to join where i can do service like build homes?

We Answered:

here's the habita for humanity website. you can go internationally or in your neighborhood.

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