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Social Skills For High School Students

William Said:

How to improve my social skills?

We Answered:

To improve social skills takes practice, like improving at anything.

To practice, you pretty much have to be where others are gathered, at least more often than you are now. Of course, it's gonna feel unnatural, uncomfortable, and unworth it. But that's because you've been isolating physically, psychologically and spiritually for so long.

Find someone you can confide in and keep talking things out.

Terrance Said:

Is this a good first body paragraph for a persuasive essay on "Why students shouldn't have homework"?

We Answered:

There's some mechanical mistakes in this, but more importantly, none of the things that you mentioned are proved scientifically, in fact, some of the things that you said are wrong. Don't rely on what people always say to write you essay, but actually research. High school students don't need eight hours of sleep, the recommended is actually 6-7. Too much sleep can also cause the body to function at sub-optimal levels.

You have a lot of faulty arguments in here like slippery slope where one bad thing immediately leads to a much worse one. You are using false logic to make your argument so it's not persuasive at all. You wrote many bad things about homework having a very negative effect on growth, social skills, attitude, and learning, but statistics are that the kids who do homework are the ones that succeed in schools, and develop less problems. Basically, your essay is full of holes, and while it might be satisfactory for your class, depending on your grade level and difficulty of the class, it is not a sound essay so far.

Also, first person is not professional, so don't use I, me, us, etc. Keep it in third person.

Nelson Said:

I have slight autism...high school student?

We Answered:


Nice to meet you! My name is Michelle. I am seventeen. I also have mild Autism--higher-functioning Autism, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorder (mood disorder)--highs and lows--one moment depressed and one moment happy.

Anyway, I'd love to be your friend--you can email me anytime at

I also have a support group for individuals on the Autism spectrum called "Aspies Are Us." It's located on Yahoo... Again, nice to meet you!

Take care,


Nora Said:

Which would be the best note taking skills for this certain school subject?

We Answered:

for math you should probably copy down diagrams that your teacher puts on the board cuz that works well for me i know. you should also write down the important facts of what they say.

language arts also copy down whats on the board and facts that stick out to you. use a highlighter

history use your textbooks and also what the teacher says to get your notes

science use your textbook and study the vocabulary! the teacher might know the most though

you should ask your teacher after class about methods their previous students used to take notes

Terrence Said:

Social problems in high school? (no rude answers)?

We Answered:

wow.... it sounds a well known feeling like the most alone person in the world.ya every person faces this thing in life once or few times but it dosent means that u will start having a negative thinking.ur friends r right. look every person wants to be with smart and gud people so we have to be the way people really works i was also like that when i came to a difnt state a new college but later i realized that the problem is not with others its with me.cause it was i who had this negative feeling for myself that people does not want to be with me.later i changed this feeling started being with people and tried to make then feel good u can do this by the way u talk and what u talk.u no all the things what they want to listen like little funny and latest things happening around u.well every person has a different choice. and ya when people feel happy to be with u & what u talk they just run behind u .its my experience.may be it could work with u too.u have a plus point that u r good at studies i think it wouldn't be much hard for u.
all it needs a smart personality and a humorous talk.
best of luck dude.

Valerie Said:

Question for students or former students who's school budgets cut art/music programs?

We Answered:

It is not your school, it is all schools and society.
Schools care more about sports.
Sports do considerably less for a student, long term, than most other activities.You are more likely to proceed in life with the other extra curricular activities, than you are to become a pro football player. But that is what most parents and schools care about.
The budget crap is a lie. For instance, most schools give you a free uniform and helmet, etc if you wanna play football. But if you wanna play an instrument, you have to buy your own trumpet, clarinet, etc.
It's not like the uniform is cheap or anything. It actually costs more than some instruments.
School budget votes are bullied around the threat of cutting sports out.
They can cut out everything, from lunches to light bulbs, but if they try to cut sports, the parents come in busloads to vote for the increased budget.
All schools could afford art and music programs, if there wasn't such an overwhelming , disproportionate focus on sports.

Willard Said:

High school exit exams?

We Answered:

i'm being totally honest but i think the exit exam is extremely EASY! i think if californian students can't even pass that test, then i have some serious questions for them.
1. what did you do with your 4 years of high school?
2. how are you going to get a job without basic knowledge of math and english?

i completely disagree with the guy above me. in fact, i think the test should be raised. i lived in other states and they have harder test every year (not just to graduate). although i have to say that the test is biased against immigrants and disable students. but i also think that it's really important for the majority and the minority to be at the same level.

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