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Software For High School

Isaac Said:

Software for school or college users to help organise work / schedule etc or similar?

We Answered:…

Hugh Said:

What dvd editing software works good for high school football?

We Answered:

AVS editor is great, good luck

Jerome Said:

A student high school wants to do Computer Software Engineering, what should their major(s) be?

We Answered:

Do computer science if you like programming in high level language such as java, visual basic etc...

or do computer engineering if you like programming in low level language and like to physically program rom chips

both are equally and respectable as both and will more or less get you the same jobs

Roberta Said:

What is a good software for tracking high school basketball statistics?

We Answered:

Well this may not be answering your question, but the internet keeps high school basketball statics. Try

Phyllis Said:

Any Good (and free) School/Homework organizational software for a Junior in High School?

We Answered:

I dont know if this is what you're talking about. Both applications run within the your browser.

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