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Sports Scholarships For High School Students

Craig Said:

what services to high school student athletes use to promote themselves to colleges for sports scholarships?

We Answered:

Game footage help and having your coaches get in touch with the college coaches. In Cheerleading and Dance they mostly give scholarships to the top scoring people at tryouts...

Beverly Said:

What is a good prep school for 13th year students? ?

We Answered:

cant understand the question

Allan Said:

Question for all high school students: Out of these 2 choices, which type of student would you rather be?

We Answered:

I have had the opportunity to be both. I was a top statewide prospect in my junior year of playing high school football (I was the Quarterback) in Chicago and it was fun. Now I will be going to Cornell (I was accepted into Harvard and Columbia) for college. I will say the latter is better.

Being a top prospect for my state my junior year of high school was a good experience. I will say that it was a good ride but here is something sporting magazines do not tell you, the fallen prospects. Football is a physical sport and so is basketball, both sports are high pressure and most "top recruits" do not make the pros, a lot do not even make it to college. A lot of those recruits end up being distracted by other things and only a minority go on to play college sports. If you saw the movie "Friday Night Lights" you will see what happened to the top recruit on Permian's team, one hit and you saw him cry the next day, he is broke now. The guy basically has nothing left in him, just some old trophies and old newspapers mentioning his name. THAT is the reality of college sports and high school sports. I have been in those shoes and I have seen some of the dirt that goes on behind the scenes and most of all, in my honest opinion, majority of all high school football players are SUPERFICIAL MORONS.

I would pick number 2 by a landslide. I loved the second I received the letter which said I was accepted into Harvard. I wanted to go there but since it was out of state I couldn't because my family would not be able to afford it (we were not poor either so no financial aid, it was taken by other students). I was accepted into 2 Ivies in NY, Columbia and Cornell. I picked Cornell and I will be going to the Engineering school there. For grad school I plan on going to either Stanford, Cal Tech or MIT. I loved when my name was called on the school announcements, saying that I was accepted into Harvard, for once everyone clapped instead of just my teammates.

Football is temporary, education will continue till the day your heartbeat stops. You should remember that crucial statement, and be prudent in your choices. Best of luck.

Jessica Said:

Do unusual sports look better on a college application than normal high school sports?

We Answered:

It doesn't necessarily look better but it could peak the admission office's interest depending on the college you are applying to. Also that would be in addition to other criteria to get into a good school. I would think that would be something that sets you apart from other applicants thus it could help.

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