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Stories Written By High School Students

Douglas Said:

Teenage Suicide Rate (ages 14-18) : causes - BULLYING / TEASING in high school?

We Answered:

Found several sites on the web that address this issue. You will probably have to look at a few of them to get the general idea. You may want to try and contact the national teen suicide prevention center, they may have answers for you. Good Luck

Ivan Said:

Black high school student disarms armed assailant who threatened small children. Not top story nationally?

We Answered:

isnt it obvious? i really think you know the answer to this question
no disrespect, but think about it

the day of the hero is gone man, look around, its the bad stuff that gets everyone's attention
like that killer that murdered those women in that gym, that topped news for over a week

ill be honest though, i do think race may have something to do with it

Marcus Said:

Can a High School Teacher be suspended by a superintendent without due process or written agreement?

We Answered:

talk to your union rep and review your collective barganing agreement.

What can and can't be allowed are there.

Jesus Said:

Question for all creative writing teachers (junior high, high school, college)

We Answered:

I'd allow it once or twice; maybe for the second or third assignment, or when you're ready to begin working on dialog, whichever comes first. Also, if you decide to incorporate fan-fiction into the class, it makes for a great transition into ownership of characters/storylines and plagiarism. However, I would make it very clear when fan-fiction would be accepted and when it would not, just to keep your expectations clear.

Alicia Said:


We Answered:

If you're worried about it, major in something other than political science. Law schools generally don't care about which major you have. They only care about your gpa. Political science is only chosen by people because it is one of the easiest to succeed.
You are much better off with finance, econ, accounting, engineering or computer science. Yes, they are all much harder than political science but there is no reason why you can't still get As in them.

On a side note, law school, unlike med school, isn't incredibly hard to get into. As long as you have a 3.3 and go to at least a decent undergrad university (top 50) you will get into a law school, though not necessarily a good one.
You shouldn't be worried about getting into law school. Finding a job once you get out of law school is the tricky part. Today's legal market isn't exactly favorable. At any given school, less then half the people looking get full time jobs in the legal field. If you're not in the top half of yyour law school you're screwed.

Martin Said:

Teenage Suicide Rate (ages 14-18) : causes - BULLYING / TEASING in high school?

We Answered:…

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