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Stress High School Students

Lillian Said:

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: How do you deal with school stress?

We Answered:

learn to manage your time well. I have a lot of things to deal with my senior year- colleges, ap tests, grades, social life, work, asb (senior prez), church, volunteering and my dance team outside of school. It's a lot to handle but focus on one thing at a time, don't think of the entire picture because if you do then that is when you get stressed out. Don't worry about it too much, I have all that and still have time for friends. Just manage your time well and you will be fine! Plus make sure when you need help, ask for it! Don't think you can do it just on your own, that's what friends and adults are there for =]

OH! and DO NOT procrastinate! When you do, that stresses you out even more! So stay on top of your game, it'll be worth it in the end. =]

Bradley Said:

Is too much stress put on high school students?

We Answered:


Peer Pressure, Parents putting pressure for grades and to figure out what they wanna be. Kids at school picking on them, The internet, the media all kinds of things stress kids out at school it makes them think they need to be a certain thing or act a certain way. This is a time they need to fiugure out more about themselves not trying to become what someone else wants them to be.

Also by pressuring to be something most times they end up going the othe way about thing.s

Sidney Said:

do you like to be alone and cope with high school stress and life in general?

We Answered:

That sounds like an excellent, healthy way of dealing with your stress. That's great! And Yes, I too like to be alone sometimes to reflect. :-)

Tonya Said:

Do you think high school students should be taught coping mechanisms for dealing with stress?

We Answered:

I think someone should figure out a way of teaching coping mechanisms in grammar school because by the time they get to high school it may be too late.

Diana Said:

Why do so many "top" high school students stress so much about going to the top level schools?

We Answered:

I attended the University of Rochester for my undergrad back when it was not that competitive of a college. I did average in high school but when I went there I pushed myself and as a result I was accepted into MIT for my masters. I was granted the same opportunities as those who went to the top colleges for their undergrad, basically there was not a difference.

I will comment on your points.

1. Yes you are better off but it comes down to preference. Some students want to be in that setting where they get to compete with the best and the setting where they get to test their capabilities. Some students may want bragging rights.

2. A lot of those students who go to Harvard and Princeton get the best undergrad programs in the country and as a result they experience more things than someone at a state University. Also you will need to do a lot at a state university to get into the top grad programs like doing volunteer work or participating on research papers.

3. Okay, it does but it doesn't. Someone from DUKE with a 3.9 GPA and a 175 LSAT score has a better chance of getting into Harvard than someone from Podunk U with a 3.9 GPA and a 175 LSAT score (if those things are even). Sometimes the the top grad programs may pick the student from a small name university as opposed to a student from a college like Harvard because that student will stand out more, look more unique as opposed to the Harvard grad who is just another number.

I went to a college with an okay Rep for my undergrad and then I ended up at MIT for my masters. A friend of mines went to Princeton for his undergrad and he ended up at Rutgers for his masters, I make a lot more money than he does, he was too stressed out at Princeton that he decided to chill out on life and go to an easier school. I had fun at my college and attained the high GPA along with it, I wanted challenge myself so I went to MIT.

Look at Obama, went to Occidental, then Columbia (transfer) and then went to Harvard for law school.

Katherine Said:

Does high school creates stress on students?

We Answered:

yes it got so bad for me i got mono

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