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Student Exchange Programs High School

Gertrude Said:

Where can i find some information about moslem high schools student exchange programs in Indonesia?

We Answered:

You can visit the indonesian Islamic high schools, or visit our site at (SMA PB SUDIRMAN BEKASI), please contact or email us, we're very happy for answering your any other questions. Salam.

Bernard Said:

High school student exchange program expensive?

We Answered:

It depends on what program you go with. Some programs that are privately or state funded be quite inexpensive - generally you need good grades to be an exchange student. I've seen some where all you have to pay is the money for your plane ticket and clothing, for a total of about $900. Other programs can cost thousands of dollars. You'll have to do some looking around, and talk with your school counselor or whoever coordinates such things at your school. Just type in "Foreign exchange" in Google and you can find websites with the proper information.

And you have to have a very good grip of the language of whatever country you are going to, assuming you won't be going to an English-speaking country.

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