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Student Government Association High School

Stephanie Said:

help with SGA t-shirt and quote ideas, please!?

We Answered:

Hi Marieee]

Here is an idea;
1. Play around with the SGA like the PGA golf logo. (check it out on the web)
It can be a stylized student with books or bag with SGA written on it.
Use your colors blue, black and white.

Slogan: Leading is Life


Natalie Said:

I need ideas for activities!!?

We Answered:

Congratulations on your election!
Here's some ideas for activities/events that some of our local schools do:
"Have a Novel Christmas"--collect books to donate to local "Sub-for- Santa" or literacy organizations. One great way is to involve the Elementary and Middle/Junior High School classes--talk with the teachers and see if they'd like to incorporate it into their curriculum [Their students could read a book that will be donated, write a synopsis/review of the book that is pasted inside the cover.]
Hold a fundraiser for a local nonprofit agency. You could have an assemby where a committee of students educates the student body about the agency and its need.
Start a Peer Mentoring program if you don't already have one at your school.

Pearl Said:

Could you check my "essay"(5-7sentence) English is not my first language. Thanks a lot! ?

We Answered:

It is very good indeed, but there are several errors.

Corrected version here:

Since childhood I have wanted to become a lawyer. However, even if I might still go to law school later, for now I have decided to get bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Even though I was president of the student government association in ninth grade, I was never particularly interested in politics (perhaps because I did not know a lot about it( but after I studied National, State, and Local Government at high school I found this field very exciting and interesting. It was intriguing to learn how our government works at each level and what our rights and moral responsibilities are.

Also I love history, which is one of the important parts of studying political science. The AP World History is my favorite class because I learn so many different things about so many different cultures and people. It helps me to understand the way that mankind has reached the twenty-first century.

My choice was also affected by a personal experience which I had in the summer of 2008. As a Georgian, the war in South Ossetia has really affected me and made me think about studying Political Science. I hope this will help me to some changes in the world, and to avoid wars anywhere.

Connie Said:

Sponsors for a high school?

We Answered:

you could try going to local car dealerships! our school has about three sponsoring us right now!

Jennifer Said:

Should I take Leadership or Sports Medicine?

We Answered:

Both certainly are worthwhile courses and colleges will actually look at them almost equally. What is more important is what your interests are and what you "plan" to do during college and beyond. What is your goal for work and which of the two courses would be most "helpful" for your employment is what you need to consider. Leadership will "always" be helpful. The sports medicine not so much unless you get into a P.E. type field. Good luck.

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