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Student High School

Tiffany Said:

How fast should a student in high school be serving?

We Answered:

There's no speed that would classify you as 'normal' for a high schooler. It all depends on your skill level and more importantly your style of play.

I'd go into explaining but really at 4 months in of practice this really shouldn't be a concern.

Just understand that contact and mechanics are more important. When you see Roddick hitting 145+ mph serves it's not because he is trying to kill the ball it is because his mechanics are perfect.

The more you practice the better your mechanics and contact will become and as a latent effect your pace will increase. In other words don't Try to hit hard, just focus on getting the motions correct.

People who consciously Try to hit the ball very hard are the same ones with 30% serving averages.

You've been asking a lot of questions, it's great you're taking such an interest in tennis, keep it up!

Rebecca Said:

What should i wear to a Telemarketing Job interview? I'm a high-school student.?

We Answered:

You can't go wrong looking professional. How you dress is a reflection on your professional attitude and how you will perform. Do you know what the dress code is for the business? Does your prospective boss wear a suit and/or tie? If so, that should be what you wear.

If street clothes are the norm. You can probably get away with wearing a nice pair of khaki pants, nice shoes and a nice shirt (no MMA please!).

Whatever you do, don't look like a kid that was told to look professional. BE professional. As an example of how not to look. Look at some of the kid managers in some fast food restaurants. They don't have a clue on how to look professional.

Start looking at what adults wear in various work environments. I bet some of your teachers look sharper than others because of what they wear.

Harry Said:

How do I apply to college while not in high school and as an international student?

We Answered:

American schools are much more expensive than their British counterparts. For someone going to school in the US from Britain it is important that you have enough money to cover expenses for four years including health care. An American college / university tuition will cost somewhere between £7,500 - £25,000 per year. You will need an additional £10,000 to cover your other expenses other than health care. One word on health care many British people wrongly believe that once you meet your deductible your insurance will pay for everything, unfortunately that is not correct. It is not uncommon to be hospitalized and have to pay out of pocket in excess of £7,500. So, it is important that you have health insurance before you enter the US.

Moving on to your question about applying as an international student. The big point you need to make on your application is that you are an international student and when you are asked a question that does not pertain to you, such as GPA, it is best to state no applicable. Then if the form provides a space to provide other information I would then use that to put down your A-levels and scores. Also I would use that space to explain how you were educated in the UK and how you feel you could be successful in the US. If there is not a space on the form to provide other information then I would include a letter with your application explaining your situation.

Additionally you will have to be aware that the US does not use the GCSE / A-level and SATs system which means their system for university is not the same as the UK. Instead the US use a diploma system which means students entering university will not have focused their studies like the A-level system and would have taken a variety of courses. In addition the university system in the US reflects this approach. A BSc / BA degree in the US entails foundation courses (e.g. social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, writing, literature, and math), your major, and some electives which will take you to complete your degree fours years instead of taking three years in the UK.

If you are considering entering the US in 2010 / 2011 I would make my application ASAP due to the fact it may take a long time to get your student visa. Also given your age you will need to contact the universities that your are interested in applying to in the US to find out if you need to take the SAT, ACT, or TOEFL test. I believe you can take them at limited centres in the UK. Additionally you will also need time to ensure that you have enough funding to pay for school, living expenses, health insurance, books & supplies, and any other expenses that may come up due to the fact you will not be eligable for funding from the US government. A rough figure I would use for planning for four years in the US would be £80,000 - £200,000 this figure does not include return trips to the UK and it assumes your school's tuition will be between $20,000 - $40,000 per year.

Sara Said:

What is the spending limit on my Chase Student High School Checking debit card?

We Answered:

You are limited by the amount of money in your checking account

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