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Student Loans For High School

Carolyn Said:

Can I still get stafford loans for college if I have no high school diploma?

We Answered:

If you have no HS diploma or GED then you must pass an "Ability-to-Benefit" test in order to get any kind of federal or state financial aid. Your school will be the one to administer it to you and tell you if you passed. Unless you can pass this test, you can't get any aid.. this includes grants, loans and work study.

CPT or COMPASS is usually the test that is given, but it will vary by school and region.

Sidney Said:

When and where do i start applying for student loans? (im in my last yr of high school)?

We Answered:

start with and you can start now

Colleen Said:

I am a high school student and I was looking to take Summer Session at a state school.?

We Answered:

Well, you are too late for Summer, since it is usually finance with the current school year for financial aid or any kind of education loan.

What you can do is to go to a Community College for the Summer and you will pay a lot less than in a bigger college. At the end, you can transfer those credits to the school you will be going and probably you are going to take requirement classes which are the same in any college.

Raul Said:

High school student loan companies besides Sallie Mae?

We Answered:

Have you asked the school? Sometimes they will suggest banks to inquire about loans from. I've heard that several banks that used to do private school loans stopped doing them last year, maybe Sallie Mae has *basically* stopped making those loans, even if they don't state that. Maybe repayment isn't good on those types of loans?

Even if your credit is immaculate, they can make the loan guidelines so stringent that it is hard to get a loan. Also, last time I checked my credit report, I noticed my home loan amount was on it and considered in a different way than in the past (more like a credit card), never mind my home is easily worth 3X the loan amount (which doesn't appear anywhere). My score was still high, but it also stated that I had a high amount of debt (from my home loan).

Maybe asking for a higher amount indicated to them that you are having financial issues that don't show up on your credit report yet. (Not that it's true, the banks are just so skittish now.)

I take it you applied for financial aid through the school. At least for most people financial aid is easier to get for college.

Good luck!

Sergio Said:

How do i apply for astrive student loans if i am a senior in high school?

We Answered:

DON"T DO IT. You should be able to pay your tuition with other low interest loans. Government loans are less expensive. Do yourself a favor and don't rack up student loan bills. It may seem great while you are in school but once you graduate you will have a really hard time paying them back. Don't listen to any loans advertised on TV!!!! Just don't go there.

Adrian Said:

Will my high school guidance counselor be able to help me about student loans?

We Answered:

They should, if not the financial aid counselor at the school you're attending can help.

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