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Study Strategies For High School Students

Juan Said:

What drills and strategies can i have my girls' lacrosse team practice to improve their game?

We Answered:

live canada box is best game . played many years . in my opinion the networks have to get womans game on tv fantastic game much better than mens field game . i am 60 years plus started playing 1940s . could confuse you and myself easily . look up your states lacrosse assosiation on the net . get phone numberr . you will recieve twenty pounds of drills etc . next . more info . best instruction book ever . no offence . lacrosse for dummies . this book is the best for players of all levels . find local clubs in your area watch practices . pick players coaches minds . if you have video canera tape drills . with the book and info . booklet easy to assemble . lived victoria b c . coached twin brothers minor lacrosse one is head coach syracuse lacrosse womans program . e mail you need his help . why isnt womans game on network tv much better than mens field game

Joel Said:

What's the best way to study for exams and tests?

We Answered:

We've doing a unit on study skills.
First of all, research says that you remember the first and last items in a list better than the stuff in the middle. So, people who do those "How to get better grade seminars" usually suggest studying in several short bursts rather than one long study session.
Also, use the boldprint titles, captions and vocabulary to help you figure out out what the author thinks is most important.
Read the material,
Attend classes,
Sit in the front row, if possible.
Listen, make connections to your own life or what you already know.
Take notes on what you don't know.
Highlight what you don't know. Don't waste time studying what you already know.
Ask questions.
Write your own test questions ( and answers).
Find out what type of test it will be, true and false, multiple choice, essay? These are different types of tests which require different types of studying.
Use good old flashcards with important material. Study these during your wait times... while waiting for the bus, waiting in line, while you are waiting for class to start, while waiting for the next episode of your favorite tv show to start, while in the restroom etc.
Try to study in an area without distractions, no movement, quiet music without words etc.
Sometimes you can use a mnemonic device to remember things in a list ( ROY G. BIV is the mnemonic for the colors of the rainbow for example)

For some subjects it helps to visualize mental pictures for the concepts.

Cram only briefly just before the test. Look at the flash cards which have been giving you problems. Just a quick review.

If it is a high stakes test, try setting up the testing situation as close as possible to the real thing. Same type of questions, same time limits etc.

Some people record their own voice reading the chapter or note summary aloud. Then listen to the tape/ CD . After all , people like the sound of their own voice better than the voice of anyone else!

Now this last one seems a little superstitious, but several people say it works! Use the same pencil or eraseable pen for your practice that you have used for your practice.
I find it helpful to do most of the studying by myself with just one session with others from class. Experiment and see what works for you.
Good night's sleep

Arthur Said:

Mashup education, experience, and skills at 24. What should I do if establishing a school is my eventual goal?

We Answered:

Base on your dream, you need to have passion in education. Without passion it's difficult to success. You have a goal to achieve, but you don't know how...that is normal. Because you don't have to map out everything till you success. What you need to do is take action step by step. Remember Wright Brother who invented airplane. They have dream to fly but in the beginning they don't know how. but they keep try and try till they success. So I think if you want to get involve in education business you need to join education company and learn how they run the business.

Jeremy Said:

Self-teach in weather study?

We Answered:

There is a Very Good Program to start with and that is the Jetstream Online School for Weather…

At the end of each segment there are review question and if you pass you can print out a cirtificate issued by the National Weather Service.

Other online training

As far as book go I highly suggest looking on Amazon or going to the book store to the weather section.

Also seince you are in high school and are considering taking meteorology in collage see this link and it will provide you information and links to universitys and collages that offer graduate and post graduate degrees in meteorology…
Just mouse over the map and click on the dots to link to the various schools
If I find more I will post them here as long as the question is open but this for now should get you started
Good Luck


Shane Said:

How to help my friend who has difficulty in studies at University (college)?

We Answered:

Since I can't really know for sure without knowing your friend I am going to give a best guess. Your friend is not prepared for college level studying. Somehow the college prep was overlooked on her path to the university. The University should have special reading and studying skills courses that are offered to students who are on or facing scholastic probation. Check with your University Information Office for course listings. Take it from someone who was on scholastic probation, the courses were helpful and I turned my GPA around within a few months. If your friend does not think it will help then she is looking for excuses.

Bob Said:

Middle/High School Social Studies teachers - These questions are for you!?

We Answered:

If possible, get a "Smart Board" in your room. It will make your life a lot easier.

Discuss It!

best-dissertations said:

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