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Summer Academic Programs For High School Students

Virgil Said:

How can I convince my parents to let me join this summer program?

We Answered:

It is refreshing to see someone like you wanting to further their education instead of just bumming around during the summer, and taking responsibility to work and pay for the class. The only thing I can think of to help you is, if you get some great answers here show them to your parents and maybe they will realize how important this is to you. Good luck young lady, with your attitude you are going far in your future.

Frederick Said:

Anyone know of a good academic summer program for high schoolers?

We Answered:

Over the summer I went to this program called CTD (Center of Talent Development) at Northwestern University. It costs a bit of money...but seriously, it's soo much fun.
What happens is you take an honors/adv/AP class in just THREE weeks. It's summer school...but so much more fun. You meet new people and they legit become your best friends. I still talk to my friends to this day and I actually just went to Disneyland with one! You also get weekends and stuff to go to the beach, Six Flags, etc. And it gives you a great look around Northwestern and what college living is like. I really loved it and I took AP European History over there. And it's really intense and I just took the AP test for it today, yet I still remember everything! It was such a great experience and if you have the time, I think you should take a look at it. Here's a link:…

Kathy Said:

What are my chances of getting into the Oxbridge Academic Program?

We Answered:


Jeremy Said:

Summer School after 8th grade?

We Answered:

If it's high school level work, yes.

All the best.

Herbert Said:

People are making fun of me in high school because of how smart I am?

We Answered:

ur the exact same as me. ppl just suck and think that if they're older, they're smarter, which is not true.
just ignore them. ur going to college and ur gonna get a great job.
i usually tell them that and "i'll be seeing you at burger king in 4 years."

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