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Summer Art Camps For High School Students

Kay Said:

Northwestern University!?!?

We Answered:

Your application stats seem fairly solid for Northwestern, but they could be better. Work on your GPA, for instance. It's on the low end, as your fellow applicants will most likely have GPAs of 3.85-4.00 unweighted. Also, your extracurricular activities don't seem math and science oriented. Yearbook EIC, camp counselor for an art center, and practicing French and volunteering in Haiti are great activities, but they do not directly benefit someone seeking to major in engineering. I suggest you focus more on your math and science activities. Perhaps join (or create) a math club, or participate in various science competition for high schoolers. Your ACT scores seem on par, though.

Overall, you have a shot, but it could be strengthened. Northwestern, after all, is a fairly competitive school, and the McCormick School of Engineering especially so. Good luck!

Kenneth Said:

University of Michigan!?!?

We Answered:

What's the question? If you will get it?

I am currently a Junior at Michigan and yah I would say you would get in. Remember, Umich looks strongly at your essays* - When writing them, make sure you talk a lot about what diversity means to you and how it is important. This especially crucial since you are white. I believe I got in because of how strong my essays were.

Good luck and Go Blue!

Felicia Said:

What colleges should I aim for?

We Answered:

to be honest, you can go nearly anywhere (ivy leagues might be pushing it though) because you're a girl interested in engineering. have you looked at Purdue? it has an excellent engineering school. even though you'd pay out of state i think they'd be willing to offer you a lot of scholarship money because it's really rare to have girls in engineering school.

Sarah Said:

Northwestern, UChicago, UMich, Carnegie Mellon, UNC, UVA, Duke?

We Answered:

It rarely makes any sense, either academically or financially, to go out of state or private for your Bachelors.

What kind of engineering? Lots of branches to consider.

Superb world class engineering departments at both Michigan and MSU - then if you want to go on to professional or grad school, look at the big name schools at that time.

You are good for both the Michigan schools.

Except for robotics, none of the ECs you listed are enhancements to your application. Make sure that you highlight that in your application.

The Tennis is great - I hope you did it for 4 years.

The French is a waste of time - the languages you need to consider for college study are Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, and Portuguese [Brazilian].

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