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Summer Art Programs For High School Students

Diana Said:

I wish to take a 6 week summer program at the Academy of Arts SF. What are some ways to raise money to go?

We Answered:

Nathan, There is a lot of information on the Internet that can help you. Different schools offer different programs and many people change concentrations or majors.

Violet Said:

Art/Politics Program suggestions??

We Answered:

Look in the opinion pages of newspapers. They always have something like that.

Colleen Said:

Summer travel programs to France?

We Answered:

Try finding one here:

Valerie Said:

What is a good study European study abroad program for high school students?

We Answered:

If you do not stay with a sponsoring family, who will you stay with? Do you have friends or family in a location abroad? If you don't get involved with a program that links the public schools of one nation with the public schools of another nation, what you will be doing classifies as home schooling abroad as a tourist. You may find that is actually more expensive, however, if that is the route you choose, you will first need to make sure that the nation you plan to visit allows home schooling. Germany, for one example, would then be out of the question. Home schooling is against the law in Germany. Check to check on current home schooling laws for Spain. Once you have found a home-school-friendly nation, you might check into either online or mail order high school programs. The University of Nebraska has a very nice program for high school students. My niece used U of N when she went sailing in the Caribbean with her parents during her sophomore year of high school. Her mom mailed the tests back to them and they recorded the grades and kept records. That transferred back to her Texas high school with no problems, too! Since you are only planning a summer trip, it may be less problematic. Just check with your current school district as to what study programs would be transferable. You might also ask if they will consider letting you test out of the next year of Spanish, if you go to Spain and study Spanish there. You were not planning on taking the class, but if they will let you test out of it, you will have that much more on your transcript; that could prove quite impressive!
Happy Travels,
Sharon :)

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