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Summer Camp For High School Students

Nora Said:

High School Womens Engineering Summer Camp?

We Answered:

SWE (Soceity of Women Engineers) Summer Engineering Program (not the exact title) at the University of Michigan. I went there, and they give you a preview of every different type of Engineering. Plus, if you tell them you can't afford it, they'll give you a "full scholarship" for it (meaning they'll waive the fee of a couple hundred bucks). It's a week long. I did it, and it was pretty cool. Plus, the University of Michigan has one of the top Engineering programs in the nation.

Marsha Said:

summer camp for high school student?

We Answered:

Check with your local colleges and community colleges. In my area (L.A.), the colleges offer summer school camps or classes for high school students.

Also, ask your high school counselor, often they get info from the local colleges, camps, etc.

Good luck!

Emma Said:

Is there a summer camp or program for high school students in the US who have a gaming addiction?

We Answered:

Step 1 - Remove all gaming equipment from your home / COMPLETELY deny access to it to your child (yes, I am serious)

Step 2 - Regain control of your child and restore sanity to your home

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