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Summer College Courses For High School Students

Leslie Said:

Is it possible for a high school student to take college courses over the summer and receive college credit?

We Answered:

I know for sure in my school, you can take classes over the summer, but only certain ones. Like all foreign language is an exception to that rule. So I really don't know if you can take AP classes over the summer. What you could do is take one of the classes you know for sure you're taking senior year, and get it over with in the summer, and then take an AP course in its place. I know an enormously amount of people who do that. For instance, they Sophmore year we're supposed to take Global 2, but instead, they take it over the summer, so during their sophmore year they can take instead Ap sphchology or Ap U.S. History. You should talk with your guidance councelor for more information. Trust me, they are helpful! :D Hope I helped!!

Becky Said:

Can a freshman in high school take courses over the summer that colleges offer?

We Answered:

Some Vocational Colleges offer summer classes for teens. I don't know about colleges though.

Hope this helps!

Darrell Said:

i am a high school student i want to take college courses over the summer?

We Answered:

If you are new to U.S., I don't really suggest you to take honor English next year. But that is just my opinion, after all, you might be talented at English! I strongly suggest you take AP biology, it is an amazingly fun class, and you explore many interesting concepts. I'm a sophomore this year, and I am currently taking both AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, and I absolutely love these two classes. Many of my friends are taking AP Biology, and the only reason I chose not to take it was because there was a huge summer assignment =p. Anyways, I took chemistry during summer school, and trust me, it is a lot better than taking it during school year. Generally, a chemistry lab will take at least 3 school days to do (3 hours total, so three classes), where as if you take it during summer school, you will finish it it one class period (which will be at least 4 hours a day). I'm currently also taking Honors Sophomore English, I love the class and the curriculum, but I don't like the teacher that much.

Don't stress yourself out like me!!! AP classes do require a suggested an hour a day. Just a piece of advice. Good luck next year. Sophomore year is much harder than Freshmen year.

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