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Summer College Programs For High School Students 2010

Tom Said:

What are my chances at getting into Pharmacy School?

We Answered:

These 6yr programs are highly competitive. You will not be accepted.

Carla Said:

How hard would it be to switch from an accountant to a business teacher?

We Answered:

Finish your degree. Its not hard to switch over into teaching.

Depending on the state you currently reside in, your state department of education may have special programs that can help you out. In Georgia its called the GEORGIA TEACHER ALTERNATIVE PREPARATION PROGRAM (TAPP). It lets people with degrees in fields other than education become teachers by letting them complete a special program while they work full time as a teacher.

The TAPP program was designed for people who switched careers, but Georgia needs teachers so badly that I know of people who were able to apply for exemptions.

In Georgia: Using you for an example, once you finish your Accounting degree, you have to find a school system that will hire you (which wouldn't be hard). The school system applies for your temporary teaching license, which would give you enough time (2 years) to take the teacher certification tests and a few state-required classes (i think 3).
After you complete your internship/program, the school system recommends you for a Clear & Renewable teaching certificate...then off you go!

The people that I teach with tell me its not that hard to complete.

I hope this helps!

Lucy Said:

Is People to People a sham?

We Answered:

i went on this trip a couple weeks ago to japan and it was great. i had so much fun learning about the culture,staying with my host family, and meeting new people :)
1. about 7,000 dollars depending on the program
2. they send out invites to a lot of people as advertisement but only about 40 kids in ur area actually get to go after the interview and everything
3. they are about 2-4 weeks long and u basically learn about the culture by going sightseeing and doing hands on activities, and u also do a home stay which seems really really scary but they pick the nicest families to have u stay with
4. i am not sure if it would help for college but it is a great experience and u get 10 credits for high school, but i think it depends on what college u go to cuz some might think thats awesome but others might not care
5. the letters of recommendation u can ask two of ur teachers to do and the interview is super easy, its a group interview so they ask everyone the same questions and then if u get accepted u have to go to 4 meetings where they teach u about everything u need to know for the trip and u go to a bon voyage party and after u come back u do a reunion party
i hope i helped :)

Jennifer Said:

Volunteer Abroad or Intern Here?

We Answered:

I know you're still in high school, but do you know what kind of career you want? Both will look good for college.

Bank of America:
As a Student Leader, you will participate in:

An eight-week paid internship at a nonprofit/charitable organization
A week-long Student Leadership Summit in Washington, DC (July 19 - 24, 2009) to gain valuable civic, social and business leadership skills.

The above sounds difficult to get into, and so a bit prestigious. You'll be gaining leadership skills which colleges love, plus you get to do community service.

Amigos de las Americas:

This is good because it exposes you to another culture and allows you to gain foreign language skills which colleges also love.

It's hard to choose, but I think I would do Bank of America first if I was accepted. You can still get an abroad experience at a place such as Later on in college you can study abroad for a semester or year. If you do the Bank of America program but still want to show that you have experience with other cultures, try tutoring locally for ESL.

Lena Said:

How do I get rid of a friend who always tries to put me down?

We Answered:

Of course her life sucks, your pay for teacher is low and teachers work their asses off everyday. But every time you see a text/call from her delete it. Ignore her until she stops bothering you. Or straight up tell her to stop being competitive.

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