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Summer Dance Programs For High School Students

Tara Said:

Interlochen dance program? Any experiences?

We Answered:

You should check out the thread on Interlochen over on Ballet Talk for Dancers:…

You sound as though you'd be a good fit for the Arts Academy.

Chester Said:

Study Dance Abroad - Frace?

We Answered:

Here's one option for you: go with YFU.
YFU doesn't have a dance program to France, but they do to Argentina, Latvia, and Sweden.
In Argentina, "You will live with a host family in the province of Buenos Aires, attend school in the mornings and take tango classes three afternoons a week. On the weekends, YFU Argentina will organize optional excursions to visit the most popular tango clubs in Buenos Aires. There, you will enjoy performances, traditional Argentinean cuisine and try your footwork out on the dance floor with professional dancers. There also may be the opportunity to participate in regional tango and milonga shows." This program is for two months from June to August. You don't need to know Spanish, but it would be helpful. (You must be under 18 for this program.)
In Latvia, "Art, ballet, and music schools have their distinctive place in the Latvian system of education. They are known for their high professionalism and classical schooling. In these schools intense, special instruction is combined with required liberal arts. There are strict demands on students, whether or not a professional career is planned, requiring the highest effort that the student is capable of giving....At Riga Choreography School, training is based on classical dancing, following Vaganova's ballet methods." Again, you don't need to speak Latvian (in fact, if you know a high school that teaches Latvian, I'd love to hear about it!!). You can do this in high school or in the year after graduating from high school here.
Finally, in Sweden, "Open to students with experience in classical ballet and at least one other dance form, such as jazz dance. The main subjects are Dance, Form and Creation, and Dance Training. Art-related subjects are also offered." No Swedish required and you can do this before or just after graduating from high school here.
I hope this helps. For some general information about YFU, check out the links below.
Good luck to you!!

Kelly Said:

Advice on Good Summer Dance Intensives?

We Answered:

The place where you can get LOADS of excellent advice on good ballet summer intensives is on "Ballet Talk for Dancers":…

They have an entire sub-section on summer intensives, but it's reserved for members only, so you'll need to sign up, which is free and safe to do. All sections of the on-line forum are moderated by professional ballet dancers and teachers, so you'll know the advice you're getting is as accurate as possible. It's also great to hear first-hand accounts of what other dance students thought of the programs.

After you sign up, you'll find discussion threads dedicated to North Carolina School of the Arts' summer intensive, including a "Who's Going 2010" thread, so you can "meet" other dancers who will be there this year. Once you are at NCSA this year, be sure to ask your teachers which SIs they'd recommend for you, as some of the best advice you can get is from great teachers who have seen you dance. Also talk to your fellow dancers to see where they've been before, what other programs they auditioned for, where their friends are going, etc. That information, combined with all the reviews you'll find on BT4D will provide you with more than you'll need to guide you in the future.

Craig Said:

study abroadsummer after junior year year of high school?

We Answered:

there are other countries that speak spanish, remember to consider them too.

Rafael Said:

College summer dance program?

We Answered:

mercyhurst (or meryhurst)

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