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Summer Employment For High School Students

Vanessa Said:

Can someone help me edit this sentence?

We Answered:

I would say, "Reliable, hard-working high school student with a strong interest in music, seeks summer employment. I am also very accurate in spelling".

Who knows, maybe there's a secretarial job at a summer music camp!!

Good luck!

Herman Said:

Does this count as Employment?

We Answered:

Don't list it, it was not sufficient employment. People will ask questions and it will only get used against you.

There is no reason for them to do such an intense background check and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have legal access to it anyway. If they did, then you simply state it was only training and you didn't feel it sufficient to put on your resume.

Just start again..

Rosa Said:

When you are taking AP class in high school , It is difficult to have a part time job?

We Answered:

Yes AP classes are hard but i also took AP Classes and had a part time job and did fine (I took 4 AP test in that year and 3 more the next and managed at least a 4 in most sept one in which i got a 3). Its just depends on the student. You do have to do a lot of at home studying and stuff but they should be able to handle a part time job if they don't get to many hours and with the economy now they usually don't even work once a week at most places. AP test do save money but that is only if they do good on the AP test and the college accepts them but if they do bad its also a waste of money since the test themselves are quite pricey.

Joann Said:

Tips for a student writing a resume?

We Answered:

google:search: resume writing skill ideas
also be your self!

Micheal Said:

is it possible for a TD to get a temporary work authorization?

We Answered:

Sorry but I don't think so. You may want to check with your advisor.

Lucille Said:

Help me make sense of this?

We Answered:

The companies you are interviewing with are not considering your experience because you've been out of the field for a few years. To an employer a candidate who has been out of the field for a few years is most likely not up to date with the current trends and technologies or might be "too rusty" to perform the job duties as well as someone with more recent experience. btw...the going rate for admins experienced or not in my area is $10/hr, more for those who have current advanced skills.

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Summer Employment vacancies are the right time for you which you can use for a simple job. I hope this time we find some reliable people in this summer season who work for students in school.

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Summer Employment is a good way to improve student's experience and they also feel happy after it.

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High School Students don't know much about it. We have to tell them about it.

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