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Summer Engineering Programs For High School Students

Theresa Said:

Questions about engineering school?

We Answered:

To be completely honest, you sound like you're on a very good track to get into an engineering program. A lot of people haven't necessarily had any calculus before entering college, so I doubt it will put you that much behind, especially if you plan on taking it as a summer class. Switching from one school to another can get tricky with getting credits transferred, and a lot of times, engineering programs will have you take general education classes (English and History and whatnot), but will also have an introduction to engineering class that you'd end up having to take as a sophomore, which can be a drag as an upperclassman.

Getting into an engineering program--I think that depends a lot on where you want to go. Are you looking at east coast, west coast, big school, small school, something tailored towards engineering, or something maybe a bit more liberal arts-y? Someplace like Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a fairly well-known engineering school in MA. There's also the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which pretty much everyone knows as an engineering school. I've heard that Stanford and University of Washington-Seattle have good engineering programs if you're looking out west. If you're looking for something smaller, I'd recommend Norwich University (but I'm biased, as it's my alma mater).

I think it also depends on what kind of engineering you want to do--mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, chemical, aeronautical, biomedical... the list goes on and on. You have to look and see what programs the school offers, how big the program is, things like that. If you don't have a problem having classes with 500 students taught by a graduate student as TA, state schools are always a good option. I've always been of the opinion that someplace like Purdue or MIT or the Ivy Leagues are better left until graduate studies, as that's what they're more geared towards.

Speaking personally, I went to Norwich University, in Vermont; it's a small school, originally founded as an engineering school, but has become more liberal arts since then. I wanted a small school environment, and people in New England, at least, tend to know about Norwich, and it has a fairly decent reputation (look for ABET accreditation when researching engineering schools!). I'm not a huge fan of math, at least not for the sake of doing math for no other reason than doing math. I don't have a problem applying it to engineering problems, as you tend to not have to worry about doing things the long and complicated way, and just plug numbers into a formula.

I just graduated this past spring, and I just started working in the professional world at the end of the summer; as a mechanical engineer, I've mostly been doing a lot of number crunching. Sometimes, it reminds me of homework assignments at school, but it has a different feel to it most of the time (getting paid helps ;-P). Math was never one of my strong points in college, but I'm doing just fine. As long as you understand when a formula is supposed to be used, it's rather simple inserting numbers and plugging them into a calculator. And if you're ever really in doubt, people don't have much of a problem telling you what you should be doing.

If you get into an engineering program, you'll probably know by the end of the first or second year whether or not you actually want to keep doing engineering. At least that was my experience at school--if someone wanted out of the program, they switched before junior year. And trust me--you'll know whether you like it or not.

Good luck with your searching!

Sidney Said:

Please help me find this internship?!?!!?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Kelly Said:

What are my chances at these colleges?

We Answered:

Your extracurricular is definitely top of its kind however you are still lacking in my opinion three things.

1. Your sat score is a bit low. Top schools want their student's SAT scores to be around the 2150 range and the SAT 2 to be around 760+. I would definitely retake the SAT test one more time. Remember that if you take your SAT score twice, the colleges really don't mind that, in fact in some cases you are proving to them that certain qualities that colleges love.

2. Your next big improvement would be to do some state wide test. For it does help on your resume if you have accomplished such feat.

3. I don't know what you want to be in the future however top colleges love students that combine their interest and knowledge to the real life world. For example one of my friend made it to Harvard and in my opinion one of the major factor that got him into Harvard was that he loved filming and medicine so he created several films on medicines. That is what I think colleges love.

So that all my feedback and make sure you write a killer-essay ;)

Jim Said:

Summer plans for the college bound student?

We Answered:

An internship at a doctors office would be great if you intend to go into medicine./

Nina Said:

deffered from university of michigan engineering. do i have a chance?

We Answered:

Admission to a engineering school (georgia tech, mit, caltech) or institutions where they have great dedication to engineering (Purdue, UMich Ann, Ubrana Champ), they're going to assume you want to go into engineering and look at your transcripts and records differently from others. Where's the AP Physics and Chemistry? You're taking AP Calculus AB as a senior? Where's the science club and dedication to engineering? Your records are great for any other university (however the GPA kills you for several great schools), but it's not impressive. There's more music and language in you than science and mathematics.

You may get in but for a top 10 engineering school, your chances aren't guaranteed entry. Additionally, for MATH II SAT, you've obtained a score within the competitive area so you might as well send all of them.

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