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Darryl Said:

Why are my parents so unsupportive of me?

We Answered:

I agree with Missy H- you need to talk to them. Make a mental list of why you want to go there and why it's so good/important(that should be easy- it looks great!) and have a comeback to counter whatever reasons you think that they'll have for saying no. Ask them why they don't want you to go. Then if they start getting mad at you, that's your cue to stop bothering them-tell them it's important to you, point out that this is the first time you've asked them for something like that, ask them to consider it, and leave it at that. If they still say no then try to fix whatever reasons that they gave(for example, if they say it's too expensive, get a part time job to help pay) and try again later on. When you talk to them, be rational and stay calm-even if they say something ridiculous, don't let on that you're annoyed. I hope I helped, and if not, add details and I'll edit my answer. Good luck!
EDIT: ok, that's harder if you're not on speaking terms with them. As you already said you're going to do, getting a part time job would be a good idea. You could also try to talk to them about this in a few weeks if you think you'll have made up with them by then. Maybe you could still tell them why you want to go even if you don't think it will help, just in case it does. Also, how old are you? If you wait until your senior year when you'll be 18, you can probably go without their permission, if you get a summer job too and look into their financial help options. Lastly, I hope that if you feel that there is any chance or reason to make up with your parents, then you are doing that. Also, will your parents get too mad if you point out their hypocrisy buying nice things for themselves? Say, in a way that they're inclined to prove you wrong...Good luck!

please answer mine? thanks!

Deanna Said:

Can I get into Yale?

We Answered:

Great Ec.. might want to raise your Act or just take the SAT... try posting on, it has a great "chance" forum..pretty accurate

Joshua Said:

Extra curricular activities that relate to business?

We Answered:

You have nice copy and paste skills : -)


Well regarding your question, you mentioned something about your own business and honestly I dont think anyone can come up with a better business related matter than your own business ;-) (common sense). But then again if you can work for a serious business organization on an advanced level, that can be very nice as well. I think it is not about the Type of Business as much as the Type of Work you will be doing there.

Sergio Said:

you think i have a shot at the university of southern california?

We Answered:

with a 91 average, shoot for over a 2000 on your SAT to give yourself a chance. But it's hard to say your chances when your a sophomore. On the right track though.

And the dude who said your EC's are standard; don't mind him. Colleges care you get Extracurricular activities and you try and get a leadership position. They care that you are following your interests, not what looks flashiest on your transcript.

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They care that you are following your interests, not what looks flashiest on your transcript.

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