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Summer Exchange Programs For High School Students

Tammy Said:

How do i find a good student exchange program for sophmore year in high school for 10 months to a year?

We Answered:

Oh! sounds like fun! you've got a good plan here. you should schedule to meet your school counselor. they have lots of information on those kinds of stuff.

Penny Said:

Can you Foreign Exchange to Japan and attend High School but live alone?

We Answered:

the exchange program wants students to live with hosts. or it wouldnt be an exchange. it would be difficult for the program administrators to agree that u live by yourself. u can appeal to them. jap families are conservative and if a foreigner can abide by their mode of living, albeit lose that little freedom, no noisy music, no rowdy parties, no binge drinking, it will be an enriching experience. its a matter of adaptability. if we're nice and accommodating, they will respond accordingly. we ought to try and appreciate japanese lifestyle. goodluck

Mildred Said:

What is a highly recommended European summer school for math?

We Answered:

If you want to learn math, I suggest Germany or Russia.
They're sort of famous for engineering & mathematics.

Moscow State University Lomonosov has some great programs.

Kelly Said:

I want to be a foreign exchange student as a senior in high school... but how? Please read details?

We Answered:

If you really want to do the study abroad during your senior year then you will need to talk with your high school advisor to see if you can get pre-approed for the credits to transfer. I don't think that applying to colleges should be very difficult even if you are in a different country as long as they have an online application and you would be back in time to go to orientation (because you might have to get required shots before you're even allowed to schedule classes).
However, if you are just interested in studying abroad in general and it doesn't HAVE to be while in highschool I highly recommend that you wait until college. Firstly, it will be much less stressful because you will be sure that you won't have to worry about applying to college or the credits not transfering (I would not recommend spending your last year of high school abroad). Secondly, a lot of colleges have direct exhange programs where you pay tution/borad directly to your home university and then you get to study at the host university this means you could go for about the same amount of money would be be paying for college anyway (maybe you could check with the universities that you plan on going to this info. is usually avalible on their websites). Thirdly, there are a lot more scholarship avalible. Forthly, I went on an abroad program when I was in high school and I had a great time, but I really wish I had saved that experience for when I was little bit older (we only get so many of these chances) this might not be the same for you, but it is at least something to think about.
Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll love going abroad. Good luck!

Robert Said:

where can i find a good summer job exchange program to another country?

We Answered:

You'll need to graduate high school first and enroll in university. I'm an American, and I worked in England in '08 on a BUNAC work permit. It allows current university students and recent graduates to work in one of a handful of countries for up to 6-12 months (depending on the country). For $290 (work permit) and the cost of a plane ticket, I was able to enjoy the same work rights as a British citizen. I worked in a cafe and had a great time.

Here's the BUNAC site:

Bernard Said:

companys to use for summer exchange program?

We Answered:

I participated in a fabulous program, called HomeStay Spain in SPAIN. After speaking with other kids in the group who had participated in other exchange programs abroad we decided this was the best! If you are interested in a lifestyle immersion experience and willing to learn about Spanish Culture and Lifestyle, this is the most amazing program available. The beautiful and safe town of Santander is known for its cultural refinement, and an atmosphere typical of old Spain. It is so much fun!!! And we learned so much!!!! It was so enriching. I LOVED IT!!! Both my sister and I participated different summers and we had a blast! We made so many good friends we still keep in touch with! The program is really well planned out and people are lovely! Many host families have teens. They even allow you to come with a friend to stay in same host family home or in a different home. And if you sign up early they allow you to choose from the available host families for a perfect fit. Check their website

Before deciding among different programs I had a chance to speak with some contacts that had participated in this program and my parents did as well. Everyone spoke wonders about this program, the host families and the local director Nuria, who is such a nice lady,... She is usually in the US at this time of the year, so that means that you may be able to talk to her on the phone once you contact them through their web site.

This program is considered the most complete exposure to a foreign country because as they say it is true that it combines CLASSES (art, debate, street talk, folklore, DANCING classes, among others) with FUN and EXCITING ACTIVITIES such as Latin Dance Classes, Bullfight, Boat Excursion, etc…, FULL DAY OUTINGS to places of historical and cultural interest such as prehistoric Altamira Caves, Guggenheim Museum, Roman Ruins, "Capricho de Gaudi", Roman Route Hiking adventure, etc... are also ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE while living with a local, loving and carefully selected HOST FAMILY. I know this program allows you to choose from several host families (the type of things this program does, no other program would ever) in order for everyone to be happy.

Santander, if you dont know is located on a beautiful bay and flanked by numerous beaches.

Warren Said:

What is the best foriegn exchange programs?

We Answered:

AFS is a pretty good program. I did an exchange with them in 1996-97.

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