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Summer Internship High School Students

Edith Said:

How to get an Accounting Internship over the summer as a High School Student?

We Answered:

Most internships are done in college... usually in between your 2nd and 3rd years and 3rd and 4th years. You have previous accounting coursework at this time as it will be your college major I am assuming. These internships can turn into full-time job offers pending your graduation.

You could get a clerical type position at an accounting firm right now, but you won't be able to do any real accounting work. The field is too tedious and risky to have someone doing it who doesn't have some knowledge.

No reason to rush! It won't make a difference for getting into college or a business school.

Edwin Said:

Where can I find internships for summer 2010 for high school students?

We Answered:

Best place to start would to be with your school's guidance counselor. Some companies provide lists of intern positions available to local schools. This predominately happens in the larger cities.

Is there a local business, company, or organization in particular you want to intern with? You could call them directly and ask to speak to someone in Human Resources.

Here are some links you might find helpful....……

Looking around in MY area.... I found internships available at:
Research Facilities
Cancer Treatment Clinic
Lawyers Office
Construction Companies
Colleges (it seemed those were for research projects in different fields)
Government Offices

They each had their own sets of requirements. Some where very strict and others were simply must be a student aged at least 16 years old with a B average. Others were simply be a student enrolled in High School. Some interns stated I would have to pay for my own uniform or materials for the internship.

I hope this helps.

Adam Said:

Does anyone know of a fashion summer internship in Chicago or near, for high school students?

We Answered:

Information is below

Priscilla Said:

PLEASE...READ! Do you know ANY companies in NY that offer summer Internships to High school students?

We Answered:

assuming you live in NY, or are a HS student that is 18, or have very supportive parents,

look into non-profits. there are many enviro groups, glbt groups, low income groups, anti-war/pro-peace groups, feed folks groups, theaters, even religious groups that could use a hand for a few months. get creative - do research and find a group you want to work with and approach them. (who knows - they may have never thought of getting an intern!)

before you decide on even doing an internship you should have your finances worked out - cause some don't pay and those that do don't pay well. also know where you are going to live. rent is not cheep in NY. you also should look into outside NY - there are many opportunities outside of the city as well and living expenses would be more affordable. unless you want NY cause someone else is going to be there... in that case be honest with yourself and your parents - and get a job that pays that will keep you busy and let you save money till you can be together again - love is famous for waiting...

you should know what it is that you want to learn, and try to focus on projects that will teach you what you need. just because you may want to go into design (for example) does not mean that you can't learn about organization, dedication and team work at a food pantry. just keep in mind that sometimes we get what we need without knowing we needed it!

if what you want to learn is about living in the big apple then get a real job!

good luck!

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