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Summer Jobs For High School Students In Chicago

Rosemary Said:

What are my chances at these schools?

We Answered:

Yous got it all locked down dawg

Jordan Said:

Could I get into a top school next year? (Vanderbilt, U of Chicago, MIT, William and Mary, Cornell, Tulane???)?

We Answered:

last year, W&M only took 1,380 students.

good luck.

Casey Said:

What kinds of jobs are in Las Vegas, NV?

We Answered:

The job market is between zero and none. Most of the jobs are sales jobs where you work for commission and get little or no base pay. Medical jobs are still in demand as there is still a lot of sick people. That is about it. All the casinos are still laying off and as the casinos go so does Vegas. Not a good time to even thing about moving here.

You have to read this website. It tells it the way it is for people who think about moving here. Statistics say that for every one job opening there are 100 applicants who are well qualified and already live here. They don't want to hire someone who just moved here. Those people tend to get tired of Vegas and move away after a few months. Just telling it the way it is.

Frank Said:

Moving to Chicago and I'm thinking about part-timing with a substitute teaching job. Do Special ed subs exist?

We Answered:

Find your state's ed site and look for "alternative licensure" You may be able to get licensed for emergency use if nothing else and with the shortage of ANY subs, that could keep you busy.
With the move to total inclusion, the demand for bodies in the classroom is really exceeding supply in much of the country.

Kyle Said:

Is the Chicago Academy for the Arts worth it?

We Answered:

1) im a freshman. i was about to go to new trier, which has some of the best academics in the country. if necessary, you can test out of freshman classes

2/3) im in the music department so im not sure but i've heard that the dance program is amazing. I dont know what joffrey looks like on a college app but if you want to go to a performing arts college, caa looks great

4) there is financial aid. look on the website for links
caa is a lot of work but it is so fun and you should definitely shadow

bonus: yes i take the train to ogilvie. there are about 20-25 of us. the bus arrives at around 8:15

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