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Summer Jobs For High School Students In Maryland

Nancy Said:

How do I find a mentor or coach/counselor for my depression?

We Answered:

First, if your present doctor is not helping you, then you need to find another one. They are not that hard to find using the internet. Type 'adolescent psychiatrist' into your search and start there. You can also go to your school guidance counselor for help in finding some one. Every one is different, and that goes for doctors,too. Finding the one you can connect with might take a few tries, but it is important that you do. Having no one to talk to about your problems is the worst feeling in the world. You are not alone! If you cannot find some one, email me at and I will help you find a doctor.

Glenda Said:

How do I find a mentor or coach/counselor for my depression?

We Answered:

Have you try the school chancellor? or a trusted teacher? they may have some suggestions. Keeping busy is great, working out is excellent. Friends that help your depression are not friends. Try join different clubs at school and keep busy with people who are worth to be call your friends. If you don't like the people at work try another one that will help you feel better with yourself.

Anna del C.
Author of "The Elf and the Princess"
and "Trouble in the Elf City"

Allen Said:

How can I get my mom to stop being so selfish & let me live MY life?

We Answered:

You are right your mom isn't gong to change her mind about this.

So talk to your grandma and see if she can talk to her about you living with her.

If that doesn't work make plans with your grandma and on the day you turn
18 leave and go there.

Start saving your money and make plans with your grandma.

18 is still young and a word of advice don't go for the GED get the high school diploma.

My mother is even older than your grandma and she has a lot of the same traits as your mother, so plan your own future for the day it starts, your 18th birthday.

Eduardo Said:

Will I get into any of the colleges on my list?

We Answered:

If you have to work very hard to pull off a 3.25, you don't WANT to go to a top school. The workload would be tremendous. You'd probably be better off at a mid-range tier 1, where there's still a lot of work but you'll be better able to succeed.

You didn't mention what state you're in, so it's hard to help since many of those you'd have a much better shot at if you lived in-state. You really don't have a shot at Duke or U Penn. Maryland, UNC, Virginia are a big stretch even if you're in-state; not good chances if you're out. The others, maybe. But you really need to add some safeties to this list - try a few of your state schools. Whatever that state is. And even for those top state schools, 3.25 is low. But good luck; your activities and ACT scores will help you.

Lee Said:

Is my resume good enough?

We Answered:

Objective Seeking a challenging *permanent career* in a growth oriented organization that offers diverse job responsibilit(ies). I believe I would be a great asset because I can work with others as will as individually<
I'd offer some brief proof of this, as well as expanding re : your character & goals - couple of paragraphs should suffice.

Julie Said:

Is it in any way possible for me to get into a four year university?

We Answered:

It is absolutely possible for you to get into a four year university. Not only are you in accelerated and honors classes, but you have good grades. Colleges are going to focus on you having all As and Bs and not your one C. If you keep challenging yourself by taking harder classes, colleges will really appreciate that.

My suggestion for you is to look for colleges that interest you and apply to all of them. I suggest you look more at state universities as they will be much cheaper. Don't be afraid to apply to a school because of the price as they may give you a lot of financial aid to let you go there.

If you get a job this summer, it will help you save money for all the miscellaneous payments you have to make for college (application fees, room and board, books, etc). If you work this summer and you continue to work through college you will definitely be able to finance going to college. Also, many colleges offer grants and scholarships for good grades, so keep them high! Make sure you check the requirements of the schools you are interested in, too, so that you will know if you are on the right track to be accepted by them.

The difficulty of getting a scholarship varies dramatically depending on the scholarship. I suggest that you apply for as many scholarships as you can and fill each application out to the best of your abilities. While you probably won't win all of them, you will definitely get some if you apply to enough with a thorough application. Talk to your counselor about scholarship opportunities at school. Collegeboard also offers a scholarship search engine, which I put as one of my sources.

Basically, what you need to do is get good grades, continue to take challenging classes, start to save money, look for scholarships, and apply to the schools that truly interest you.

Good luck and you will definitely get into a 4 year university!

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