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Summer Jobs For High School Students In Nyc

Ramon Said:

Do these classes look good if I want to go to film school?

We Answered:

I would have guessed by the way that you wrote your question that you were an excellent student

Your schedule is excellent although add in Chemistry if you can./

Frederick Said:

My 15 year old sister is off the hook..?

We Answered:

Bootcamp!! And it can be a home version of bootcamp too...when I was 13 or so I started acting up and my older sister who was 20 something at the time put me through her own little bootcamp me it will work lol

Olga Said:

Sociologists on Yahoo?

We Answered:

if you want to teach you can do 1 of the following:
nyc teaching fellows

Marian Said:

College vs. Work vs. my life situation.?

We Answered:

Give yourself a little more time to adjust to a new location and the new job. Don't get so down on it until you've completed the training and done the job full time for a few months. Look at why you did take the job, the reasons other than salary. Get settled into NYC, it can be a culture shock, get out, make some friends, meet people. Keep a balanced life.

Even if you hate your job, stick around and live very cheaply for a year or two. Save up a little money to make finishing your education easier.

Education-wise, there's no way to swing a class? How about online? Have you had any sort of discussion with boss about your educational ambition? Perhaps phrase it in a way that you want to meet those minimum hiring requirements. Just focus on the BA for now, if by the end of it you want graduate school, apply be accepted and then quit whatever job you have. Public Policy graduate schools love work experience (have you done coursework in any of the grad fields you are considering? how do you know you want it?)

Just chill, you are 28, your parts do not expire at 30. You have plenty of time to meet and marry and reproduce. Make sure you date age/maturity level appropriate people. Get out more, do whatever you need to to meet people.

Give it all at least a year, if you aren't happy with the progress you are making, quit and go back to school full time and buckle down.

Kathy Said:

Question For Math Teachers/Majors?

We Answered:

(you write very well!!)
Its too expensive and there are already too many people there
Go to the Midwest or the South, not California, same problems as NY
Move to OH, IND, or somewhere with a large communuity college system, apply there as a teacher .
then pursue your dream.

Isaac Said:

What are my chances of getting into Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, of Tufts?

We Answered:

I think you have a very good chance at all of those schools if you can raise your SAT score, or if you simply don't send it since it's so much lower than your ACT. Also, you don't have any leadership positions...that could pose a problem. Is there anything unique about you that would make you stand out? Have you proven that you're very passionate about any of your extracurriculars? Bronx Sci is really competitive, and colleges know that, so your GPA is very impressive. Columbia may be a bit of a reach, but the other three are good matches. Good luck!

Andre Said:

am i in over my head?!?

We Answered:

I think you have a great head on your shoulder. I also think by making the correct choices now will make your dreams that much more fulfilling. Don't rush yourself so much and stop to smell the roses. What I'm trying to say is there will always be time for friends and love. You have one shot at a career with a great future. Doing all you can now will give you the most happiness. One suggestion I would give for sure would be; don't be so serious about life and learn to live each day to the fullest. Be sure to draw guidelines for yourself, but don't think you can never adjust your plans. A few months of enjoying High School will not mean you can not achieve your goals.


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