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Summer Jobs High School Students

Marie Said:

How Do High School and College Students Joining the Workforce Over the Summer Cause the Economy to Go Down?

We Answered:

Employment usually only focuses on full time jobs - not the part time or summer jobs that high school students would be getting. So this doesn't make sense.

Also, you have to have been employed at a full time job long enough to qualify for unemployment benefits in order for you to be considered officially "unemployed" by the government. So for the majority of college grads entering the workforce, they can't be considered unemployed because they've yet to have ever been employed in the first place.

Finally, after your unemployment benefits run out, you are no longer officially counted as being unemployed by the government. So even that 5.5% is misleading because it only takes into account those who are working, and those who are on unemployment.

Leon Said:

what are the best summer job for a high school students like me??help??!?

We Answered:

life guard at a water park.

Guy Said:

Does Future Shop Hire High School Students?

We Answered:

I just went to buy a phone at future shop, and the guy helping me suggested I apply to work there. I told him I was only 16 and he said they were hiring mostly people my age now, since the older employees were leaving for school. Back to school hiring, I say go for it :)

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