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Summer Law Programs For High School Students

Sean Said:

Could I get into Notre Dame, Duke, Northwestern, Emory, UT Austin, or Brown?

We Answered:

u will be accepted in many more schools than those u stated..... all the best

Frank Said:

So what are my chances of getting accepted into Villanova Law School?

We Answered:

The two primary factors in law school admissions are your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score. Everthing else is important and good, but if your GPA and LSAT are too low, the "everything else" won't get you in.

The median range (most students) who got into Villanova law had a GPA of 3.26 to around 3.6; and had an LSAT of about 160-163. Since your GPA is a bit on the low end of that range, you'd want your LSAT to be firmly in their ranges in order to stand a shot.

Thus, prep for that LSAT!!!

And btw, that doesn't mean you couldn't get in with a 3.3 and a 155, but your chances aren't great. The one thing you can try to control right now is that LSAT score.

Nelson Said:

Do I have a shot at getting into the Lawrenceville School or Phillips Academy (Andover)?

We Answered:

Hey you! I got into both Lawrenceville and Andover. Loved both the schools, but as many say, it all comes down to personal preference.

However - coming back to your question - you should know that almost everyone who applies to elite East Coast boarding schools are qualified enough to be accepted. Almost one hundred percent of the kids who apply are just like you and me, smart, dedicated, and passionate. As important as it is to have a phenomenal transcript, all the kids competing against you for a spot in these schools most probably have the same, if not slightly better or poorer, grades.

At the crux of it, gaining admittance to these prestigious boarding schools - formalities like financial aid and grades aside - come down to being UNIQUE/DIFFERENT, LEADERSHIP, and PERSONALITY. You can show the latter in your interview, and former by participating in REALLY unique activities or peculiar hobbies. For example I was the only girl in boy scouts, and I was apart of GSA and Art House Movie Club. Leadership is pretty much verbatim. Be a leader; take any opportunity and show initiative. Are you the president of any of clubs, and/or are you a secretary or treasurer?

From the looks of it you've got the 'hard' part in the bag. Now just work on the fine tuning and I'm SURE you'll get into your dream schools.

I wish you good luck, and never look away from your prize. If you want it, you can achieve it!

Agnes Said:

I'm 15 and I need money. Can I open a paypal account in order to earn money and make purchases online?

We Answered:

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make a differance
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