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Summer Leadership Programs High School Students

Sandra Said:

What are my chances of getting admitted to the University of Maryland-College Park as a transfer student?

We Answered:

You should be in good track with your credentials. The other guy is right, they'll need your SATs if you have less than 30 semester credits. Keep up the 3.5 GPA, and I strongly suggest to visit to see which classes can transfer into UMD, so you can bypass a lot of classes / Major Pre-reqs when you get in.
Good Luck!

hah 2.8? are you kidding me?! just this fall the average GPA of freshman class is 3.9 -- Per President Mote's (UMD President) report.

Cathy Said:

Is the National Youth Leadership Forum a big deal?

We Answered:

i just got one today and i heard its fun. im only a freshman and i dont know if it really is a big deal but it might be a scam. I googles it and its about $2000. i dont know if it will be worth it...

Katherine Said:

Merit Scholarship Chances?

We Answered:

Looks promising, especially if you're from one of the most rigorous schools, like Flintridge Prep, Poly Pasadena or Harvard-Westlake. Too bad you didn't get Semifinalist. I know last year USC offered scholarships to top students at top private schools, kids with families that earn too much for needs-based aid, but would have a hard time paying $50,000 a year (which is actually $100,000 earned due to the tax bracket the parents are in, doctors, attorneys, etc). It seems that this was unexpected by parents and counselors, like USC was trying to pull in those top students who were also in the running for the Ivies, etc. I heard the same about some other private colleges being more generous with merit scholarships than was expected. I can only hope that's the situation in 4 years!

What I'm having a hard time seeing in your great accomplishments is a Passion. What are you an Expert in? Is it sports? Most top colleges would like to see Focus and Depth in your extracurriculars. What is your goal, what direction are you heading? Ask your counselor how to spin it right so you are the most competitive you can be.

FYI, some kids at the private schools, especially last year, had some advantages like nice (million+) donations to the Ivy of choice. Of course, this is kept quiet. The kids were qualified, like 85% of those that apply to the Ivies, they just had some extra qualifications. (My dh participates in the admissions process for his Ivy alma mater.)

Good luck!

Felicia Said:

Do I need psychological assistance? what to do to ease something like this?

We Answered:

I do think some therapy or counseling may help you sort through these issues.
Also if your "friends" act this way toward you - you need to ditch them and make new friends or work on your goals solo.

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