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Summer Math Programs For High School Students

Miguel Said:

summer boarding school?

We Answered:

Most colleges don't provide financial aid-unless you're an athlete or will be attending their college in the fall and you get a scholarship-- during the summer if you are not currently enrolled... You need to search for colleges in those states and look at their summer programs..most have advanced courses for students like you. Lastly, if you are in a summer program you won't get a day off...remember they are cramming alot of information into two months versus 5, the only day you'll get off in the 4th of July.

Natalie Said:

I have High School Math questions?

We Answered:


This is not mathematics.

Hope this helps. Bye.

Julio Said:

High School Math question?

We Answered:

You sound like you are well-grounded and are taking your education seriously. This is VERY good and is refreshing.

Pre-calc is not necessarily difficult. Calculus, like all math, is logical. If you have a logical mind, you should have no problem. I suggest you try to get a copy of the pre-calc text and study it when you would otherwise to math homework. It is also a good idea to talk to your academic adviser. If you do not have one, talk to the vice-principal, who usually is responsible for helping students do well. If your vice-principal won't or can't help, ask him or her who can help you. If you can not get satisfied, talk with your parents about it and ask for their help. I certainly hope they will help, but if they will not, then talk to your principal. If the principal won't help, then go to the school board. If they won't help, write to your representative in your state legislature. If you take this far enough, you will definitely get help.

I wish you good luck in your efforts.

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