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Summer Medical Internships For High School Students

Anne Said:

Does any one know any internships that are for high school students?

We Answered:

You can sign up

Scott Said:

Bio Internship for High School Student?

We Answered:

The Internet is a wonderful invention. If you take your subject of your question and add to what you want to know about it, the search engine will do the rest. For example:

My subject is Primary and Secondary Education. I want to know where to get certified as a teacher.

The search engine result is as follows:

Teaching + state certification requirements

What you get is this:…

This will work for any subject category. Give it a try and good luck

I like that approach better than just saying "Google it" or "Look online".

Willie Said:

Medical Missions for a student?

We Answered:

1. Learn to spell surgeon. Sergeant is a military rank.

2. Contact Operation Smile. They might have something you can do. I know they have high school students participate in some missions. They do mostly cleft lip and palate repairs.

Joanne Said:

Summer internship in Korea? HELP!?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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