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Summer Music Camps For High School Students

Jim Said:

What colleges could I get into with these stats?

We Answered:

Community college. sorry bro.

Miguel Said:

Could I be accepted to SUNY Geneseo?

We Answered:

Geneseo has developed into a highly selective institution, being the most selective public liberal arts college in the nation. According to the college's admissions department there were 11,000 students who applied for less than 1,000 seats in the class of 2013. Geneseo's freshman acceptance rate for the class of 2013 was roughly a third of its applicants.
For the class of 2013, The mean SAT score (CR+M) is 1340 and the mean high school GPA is 94. The middle 50% ACT of all admitted students' scores ranged from 28–30, second only to The College of William & Mary for public college/universities.
Nearly 60 percent of this year’s freshmen ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school classes - an all-time high for the College.

You are likely to meet the admissions requirements to SUNY Geneseo should you choose to apply

Loretta Said:

Do I have a decent chance of being accepted to Cornell University?

We Answered:

To answer your question.....yes, you have a decent chance. My son was recently accepted to Cornell Engineering (ED)with the following stats:

Unweighted GPA: 95
ACT: 32
SAT 2:
Math 760
Physics 790
AP: 9 classes - 5 completed - 4 scores of "5" and 1 score of "4".

Obviously there are more that go into an application than the above however, as you can see your stats appear to be similar to his......

Good luck

Tyler Said:

Music Camps for HS Students?

We Answered:

It all depends on if you want to travel or go locally. My advance would be to ask a teacher in the Music Department at your High School.

Eugene Said:

Could I get into an ivy league institution with these credentials?

We Answered:

You have an outstanding record and may get into one or more of the Ivies. Be prepared, however, that many valedictorians are rejected./

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