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Summer Music Programs For High School Students

Tammy Said:

What are my chances to get into UC Berkeley?

We Answered:

Much on the contrary to the first answer, I would say you have a great chance at Berkely. Your credentials are stellar and although your SAT is on the lower side of most top ranked applicants, Berkely's SAT range is 1720 - 2170. So you definitely have a good chance of getting in even with a 2040 SAT. Your ECs are commendable and the many years you have spent on swimming is evidence of this commitment. Living near the Bay area is certainly advantageous and to summarize I think your college essay should nail it.

Congrats on the amazing CV and definitely apply for Berkely.

Walter Said:

internships for the summer?

We Answered:

it's a little too late, don't you think,

most of the worthy internships haven been taken by college students, while you're still in high student, i really doubt you will land a really good internship.

anyway you never know.

Audrey Said:

Am I taking the right steps to get into Harvard?

We Answered:

I think getting into Harvard is like winning the Nobel Prize: not everyone who deserves it will get it; you just do your best in life and you might get it. Whether you get it or not, your achievements should be fulfilling in themselves and you will still go to a good college and do all the things you want to do.

Gerald Said:

Can I get into Vanderbilt University with a 29 on the ACT and a 3.73 GPA?

We Answered:

Vanderbilt is a reach, but it might happen. Don't think that the extracurriculars will make up for academics which are significantly below the average at a school. Almost no school considers the extracurriculars nearly as much as the academics.

Also, note that class rank is much more important than GPA.

Schools a notch below in competitiveness would probably take you, though.

Vincent Said:

Do I have a shot at getting the Gates Millennium Scholarship?

We Answered:

Getting the scholarship with what you have listed will be easy as pie, being AA with a 4.2 is what will propel you, plus you show that you are active in the community and haver a life apart from school. The income will also be a beneficial factor in getting GMS. You should be ok with any ivy league school, if you can get into ivy league. you can get the GMS.

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