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Summer Programs At Colleges For High School Students

Chad Said:

Has anyone here attended the summer pre-college programs at Brown or Stanford?

We Answered:

I don't know about those but I attended one at University of Michigan.

They do look at your grades/scores but they are lenient.

The camp was so so fun! So worth it.

Carlos Said:

summer program at colleges?

We Answered:

I attended Princeton University by way of Junior State of America (JSA - I had an amazing experience. It does look good on college applications because it shows your ability to work in a college atmosphere, and also shows that you're interested in doing academic things during the summer when most kids are out tanning or sleeping in.

It wont, however, be the deal-breaker. If your grades aren't fantastic, don't rely on a program like this to get you into a college that your GPA alone wouldn't get you into.

Good luck!

Bradley Said:

Summer Programs for high school student in mid july-aug?

We Answered:

Take a look at the mini-courses offered at Summer at Brown… There are some in your time frame. You can also post your question here…

Good luck with your summer plans!

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