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Summer Programs For High School Students In California

Vincent Said:

Which academic summer school/camp should I choose?

We Answered:

I'll give you advice as someone who's done those summer programs and is at one of the universities you listed.

I think in the grand scheme these did little to help my applications as all they do is confirm that you had high enough scores to get invited. It's another accolade that says you were smart. Was it fun? Yes. Interesting? Yes. But was it a "once in a lifetime experience"? Hardly. It's just like a summer camp only more expensive. I think all the universities you're looking at know these are cash cows and don't hold them in particularly high esteem compared to things you do on your own.

Currently as a student at Oxford, I can tell you the locals hate, HATE American students that come in for the summer. Both the high school and college students act like they've never left home and get in all sorts of trouble (like the GA Tech kids who routinely get thrown in jail). The whole experience of Oxbridge is lost if you're only here 4 weeks.

On the whole I'd advise against doing it, save the money for college tuition or a car. But if I had to say one, Brown seems the best of your options as they give you the most carte blanche to experience what they have to offer

Gordon Said:

Summer College for a High school student?

We Answered:

I did this the summer before my senior year... You could go to your local college or university and sign up for college classes. You don't need to do any special "program" just have the GPA and necessary paperwork to do it. This is probably the BEST college prep program you can have, as it is exactly like college will be like - no special program. If you have a particular school you are considering when you graduate, why not enroll there?

I did this and it helped me IMMENSELY. Not just for preparing for my senior year in High school, but I was not totally freaking out like the rest of my classmates about moving away to college.

Bryan Said:

Summer Foreign Exhange Student Programs?

We Answered:

It is possible you are too young at this point to travel as a foreign exchange student with the AFS program? It is a good place to start though. Most of their students are in their junior or senior years of high school, at least the ones who come to Norway where I now live.

Your parents could send you to a private summer school in England, Scotland or Wales for a few weeks that specializes in sports, international relations for kids--here you meet and do things with kids from all over the world-- or computers or something fun? Or you could attend a camp of some sort that does these things. Just google: summer camps England, for example and see what you get.

Wonderful that you want to travel! Hope you have a great summer.

Thomas Said:

Am I on the right track to columbia university fu foundation school?

We Answered:

Honestly, it's more than enough. I personally would go to an ivy school. I only got into college because of lacrosse.

Rosa Said:

college photography programs for high school students?

We Answered:

You can find top listing of college photography programs in this site -
It also has detailed info about each, tips to apply and which salary should you expect - to comparison.

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