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Summer Programs High School Students New York

Maxine Said:

Do US summer programs accept student from other states , when you don't live in US.?

We Answered:

Summer programs are really going to vary from school to school. I would investigate a particular program (perhaps ask your friends which one they go to?) and then call their office to find out the details.

Judith Said:

Anyone know of any good summer programs in New York City for High School students?

We Answered:

explo! its at yale, but you can take weekend trips to nyc. I LOVE EXPLO!

Howard Said:

Does any body know about any fashion summer programs in New York for high school students?

We Answered:

Hi there,
I know you're looking for details from people who have attended the program or know personally of it, but I have no experience in that dept. Sorry! However, here is a list of programs I could find online. I hope they help; I don't want to be one of those annoying people who "answer" by providing a series of (usually useless) links, but these were found doing a detailed online search and I hope they really do help you.…………

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