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Summer Reading School

Roy Said:

How do I convince the school board to change summer reading books?

We Answered:

Why not come up with your own list of books as a substitute list? You could use the top 10-20 list at your area bookstore or Walmart for your suggested top titles. Most likely these lists have fiction, non-fiction, self-help, inspirational, etc. If you present your own list to the school board, maybe they will consider substituting all or part of their list with yours. It's worth a try.

Russell Said:

is pillar of the earth by ken follet good to read for school summer reading?

We Answered:

Pillars of the Earth is an amazing book. I read it when it first cam out, and then bought it again years later. There is one rather graphic rape scene, but other than that, not a lot of sex scenes that I remember. It has great character development and gives a lot of insight into the politics of the time. I think the violence(like the rape) is much more disturbing than the sex scenes, but I think a high school junior should be mature enough to read it.

Barbara Said:

oh my god come on my friend tore up my summer reading school starts tomorrow i dont know if i can finish HELP?

We Answered:

Ann Said:

For my summer reading for school I don't know if I should read gulliver's travels or the brothers karamazov?

We Answered:

awesome! I'll be a junior next year and I read both of these books :D. okay, so I loved both although i would say the brothers karamazov was better and in my top three favorite books of all time (along with crime and punishment and les miserables). It has a deep and enchanting plot and is very emotionally moving. Its a very long book but was not too difficult for me because it was so absorbing. Gullivers travels is shorter and very satiric. Its fun to read although the plot was less powerful. Basically, if you like to read and you enjoy sophisticated and moving novels, pick Karamazov. If you prefer a fun and easier read, go with gullivers travels. They are both great classics and I'm impressed that you have to read them for your assignment (my school gives us **** like "the interpreter of maladies" which i'll probs sparknote).good luck

Gordon Said:

How should I start off the paragraph for my High school summer reading and what should I write or put in it?

We Answered:

it would help to know what you're reading and what the assignment is. then i could help.

Ted Said:

I am going to carmel high school summer reading easy 10 points?

We Answered:

i would its not hard

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