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Summer Research Programs For High School Students

Cody Said:

Will joining summer programs help admissions into colleges?

We Answered:

No, those are cash cows for universities and don't significantly improve your application. Grades, SATs, leadership.

Franklin Said:

Are summer research internships really looked at by med school admission committees?

We Answered:

Summer research internships are incredibly important in the med school admissions process. They demonstrate effort, ambition, and a desire to succeed. Securing an internship would help you in the admissions process a lot.

Tonya Said:

summer college programs?

We Answered:

I do not know of any programs off the top of my head. What I did in h.s. was ask my guidance counselor because they should have information on programs like that. I attended a summer research program at Polytechnic University in h.s. then I took college classes while I was in h.s. That also looks good when applying to college.

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