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Summer School High School

Clyde Said:

Is there going to be Summer School in High School's in GUSD?

We Answered:

Unless EVERYTHING has changed in the educational system, you CAN get credits for summer school......I did when I was going to school, I graduated in 1973 as a midterm JUNIOR. Not midterm SENIOR. I had too many credits as was, and I was going to private school (which for me was a COMPLETE waste of time). While my mom was going back to school to get her Master's in Child Development, I went to night school with her and took other classes. One was Botany-plant identification which I was able to use as a HS credit toward my biology major. (I went to a college prep HS)

So, it not just the screwups and flunkies that must take summer school, I believe it can still be used as valid credit hours.

Christopher K.

Carole Said:

Can I take summer school at a different school district (high school)?

We Answered:

The simple answer. No.

You would have un enroll from your current school, enroll in that district, take the summer courses, then un enroll from there, then re enroll in your district.

Gene Said:

How would you describe the high school students that attend summer school?

We Answered:

students who "want" more education :D

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