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Summer Schools For High School Students

Linda Said:

What's summer school like for high school students?

We Answered:

i did summer school voluntarily between grade 10 and 11. i know it sounds crazy to choose to do summer school, and it prbly sounds like im a nerd, but im not. i wanted to get chem 20 over with so that i could have a spare in my grade 11 year. it took me 2 weeks to complete the course, but it was absolutely terrible for me. it was just the little things, like waking up early every morning when you know youre on summer break, and sitting inside doing schoolwork when its so sunny and beautiful out. but youll survive. if youve already done math, it should be easier to redo it as long as you work hard at it. but then again, the summer school program i did was self-directed, so how fast you got done depended on how hard you worked, but i know another girl who went to a program where she hade to go for a full month

oh, and didnt cost me anything. im not sure why, but it was free for students in my school. and i went from like 830am-1230pm every weekday

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