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Dale Said:

Which University do you think I could get into?

We Answered:

Your grades and class rank are too low for Brown and possibly too low for NYU. You should have a better shot at Penn State than at UT-Austin because you're in-state. You should be able to get into the other schools.

Karen Said:

Do I have a chance in getting into an Ivy League school?

We Answered:

There are some things here that probably are a little superficial for a resume, but I think you've included for the sake of completeness in allowing others to answer your question intelligently. As you probably know, the admissions process is a highly subjective one, so even with really sterling applications, it's impossible to offer any guarantees. However, having worked as a student in Harvard's admissions office, I can tell you that you look on paper like the kind of applicant who would warrant a close look. If your essays/recommendations/interview, etc. are equally impressive, I think you have a very good chance at any college in the country. Best of luck to you.

Janice Said:

Should I persue a new teaching job that's now available?

We Answered:

There should be teaching positions opened all over the place right now but the bad thing is that most of them have posted before the last school year ended, so in most cases, schools have either already hired who they want, already interviewed people for the positions or like in most cases...already have someone in mind for the position.

I would say since you already sound as if you have some doubts as to the treatment you will receive as a staff member in this new position, maybe sticking to your original plan of staying there for just the next school year and then move might be better. Sit down and weigh out your pros and cons. Make a decision that you know in the long run is going to be what's best for you, keeping in mind the economy right now and how tough it is for everyone. Having something certain is better sometimes than trying to get something that is only a possibility, especially right now.

Donald Said:

Which University's do you prefer?

We Answered:

Good chance! Just bump up your GPA a lil bit, you still got time : )

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