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Summer Theater Programs For High School Students

Tracy Said:

High School edition of Rent?

We Answered:

"contact" was cut- for obvious reasons.
but really, it isnt too drastic of changes.
heres the complete list of changes:

TUNE UP #1: "Instead of my old ****" is cut; bar 7 of score is cut in half (2/4 instead of 4/4); the interjections of "****!" and "****!" are changed to "No!" and "Crap!"
RENT: "Ughhhhh-- Ughhhhh-- Ughhhhh-- I need a drink" loses the "I need a drink" line
ONE SONG GLORY: Key dropped from G flat to F
LIGHT MY CANDLE: "Oh won't you light the candle" through "We could light the candle" is cut (bar 83 to bar 107, any discussion of Mimi's drug life is gone)
TANGO MAUREEN: Mark's interjections of "******'" are changed in both instances ("Really weird" and "Maureen cheated" instead)
OUT TONIGHT: Bars 57-84 are out ("When I get a wink..." through "...howl out tonight"); "I'll let you make me" is now "I'll let you take me"
ANOTHER DAY: Bar 70 cuts to Bar 112 (meaning that we skip "Excuse me..." through Mimi's second " day but today" verse)
WILL I: Drops in key from G flat to E
ON THE STREET: "Ted Koppel" is apparently "CNN" now; first iteration of "****" is changed to "hell" in bag lady segment, and now the lot is full of "self-righteous" artists (one of the few censored bits that I think is better than the original, giving the character more depth)
SANTA FE: Times are now "gritty"
I'LL COVER YOU: Key change (C to F, down to B flat to E flat) and dropping bars 36-76 ("on my life" through "a new lease you are, my love," dropping the little dance and more romance between Collins and Angel...I guess the kids can't take it?)
CHRISTMAS BELLS: Angel's "Kiss me..." is now "Honey..."; bar 37 cuts to bar 61, removing the complex counterpoint between the whole cast
LA VIE BOHEME: Lyric changes ahoy! The much discussed "mucho medication," "hold an erection" is "make a connection," Benny is now "that jerk," bars 103 through 193 are cut (removing the gay make-out moments and the "bisexuals, trisexuals..." verse and Mr. Gray leaving), and "(to) *******, lezzies, dykes" are now generalized as "(to) homos, lesbians"
HAPPY NEW YEAR B: "Hicksville" is now "Jersey"; Mimi's "words" are what's so seductive now; apparently she also kicked him "right before I walked out the door"
TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME: Maureen's intro line about pierced nipples is gone, and now they just go to "the club"
VOICE MAIL #5: Is moved between "Take Me Or Leave Me" and "Seasons Of Love B"
WITHOUT YOU: Loses 34 bars of music ("The earth turns...without you" through "The crowds roar...without you")
I'LL COVER YOU (REPRISE): Angel helped them "find the Statue of Liberty"
GOODBYE LOVE: Roger is now "full of it"; underscore music (bars 78-85) cut; "I missed your mouth..." through "I was only trying too..." cut
WHAT YOU OWN: Bars 1-21 (the bit with the pastor and Collins) gone
FINALE A: Bars 1-32 (homeless people singing) cut
FINALE B: Bars 78-85 gone (two iterations of "I die without you"), bars 90 and 91 gone (the two bars of instrumental before the final "No day but today" where Angel usually joins the cast onstage)

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