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Summer Theatre Programs For High School Students

Marion Said:

Summer musical theatre camp/program?

We Answered:

Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah offers a musical theatre camp for high school students June 22-28. You have a week to put together a production, plus get workshops, trainings etc by faculty and professionals... plus if you are going to be a junior or senior this fall you can earn college credit.

Frederick Said:

Can I go to the Interlochen High School Repertory Theatre program the summer after senior year?

We Answered:

no.. sorry. regardless of age, they are very strict on these and will not accept people who are finishing high school. usually those who still want to go to interlochen after high school go as counselors but thats it.

Arnold Said:

summer theatre programs like carneige mellon summer program?

We Answered:

they want HOW much? 900 dollars? thats a small fortune.... you could go to the Caribbean on an all inclusive holiday for that.....

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